I made them today and will give them away on Thanksgiving. As the fondant don`t get too hard I’m afraid that after packaged cookie get too wet. I need to make alot of these so trying to organise my time. Thank you very much for sharing and happy Valentine’s day from Spain! Repeat step 7 from the dragonfly. Will the fondant mold or the cookie for that matter? Baking Roller Pin Non Stick Sugarcraft Fondant Cake Cookie Dough Kitchen 50cm. I dont understand spanish, sorry. Learn how your comment data is processed. 2.9k. Does using fondant soften the cookies in FMM & PME. Mix the needed amount of fondant with food color and some starch. You can use any kind of sugar syrup, like the ones you can use in coffee. Only I would not use water. How to Make Fondant Sugar Glue to stick decorations on a cake. They look really nice. The corn syrup is that “lys sirup” in danish. Hi? Beautiful! I have not had any problems with the colors changing unless it is purple. More info on how to paint a cookie. Profile Setup, Posting, and Other Site Tips. Remove impression mat. You must be signed in to continue. Louise, I’m thrilled to find your blog! Dresden & veining tool (I recomend the one from Jem) may i ask what recipe you use for sugar cookies? Finally it saves so much more time in decorating and AS I posted in a previous tip...you can use left over fondant for practice cookies. What it can be substituted with? Thank you. Do you have any suggestions? Love your blog. Have you tried looking for it in cake decorating supply stores? Excellent instructions and photos! Thanks so much for this, oh please on’t delete this page in future. Once your cookies have cooled and are ready to ice, gently spread a thin amount of apricot jam onto each cookie this helps the fondant to stick to the cookie. I’ve managed to find the lustre powder on rainbowdust.co.uk. Gum paste is a paste that you can use to make flowers and other sort of decorations of. Knife You can use Petal base. Paper towel. :)), http://www.cakejourna.wpengine.com/archives/vanilla-sugar-cookies, woou i love you work its perfect lovely ,my respect to you. Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn other cookie decoration techniques. Thanks. Chocolate Ganache Chocolate ganache, a blend of chocolate and cream, also can be used to help fondant stick. Just be creative! Otherwise the fondant will easily take on small marks and so. Do you make your fondant or buy it? Rina: You can use a ready to use fondant . hi, erm please what is your cookie recipe ? Any feedback? Check 'em out: http://cookieconnection.juliau...m/clip/baby-shower-5. , mahes Yong: You can try this one: http://www.cakejourna.wpengine.com/archives/vanilla-sugar-cookies. Your blog is very inspiring and full of good info.! To apply fondant decorations to a dry surface like a cookie or crusted buttercream, you will need clear Piping Gel. I'm taking the fondant plunge- going to decorate some cookies with fondant. Decorating with rolled fondant is the easiest way to get a beautiful cookie in no time. *Item Condition:100% Brand New *Material:Plastic * … A very interesting, useful and inspiring tutorials. rolled fondant. http://www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm?id=BA17D1E7-802D-F658-0CFDA9C65E5D2A6B&killnav=1, http://www.karenscookies.net/shop/packaging-and-presentation-supplies/8-cookie-sticks/prod_125.html, http://www.karenscookies.net/shop/recipes/info_11.html#recipe01, http://www.globalsugarart.com/product.php?id=18913, http://www.kitchengifts.com/nofailsugarcookies.html, http://www.karenscookies.net/shop/index.php, How to Make Cake Pops: Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial (with Pictures), How To Make Royal Icing For Piping & Flooding, How to make a frozen buttercream transfer (Recipe). Tara. When brushing with syrup it will get a little dense but mine is still ok crunchy. You can bake and freeze the cookies in advance. The fondant on the cookies will go hard by then. (I know sometimes colored buttercream can look discolored and turn different shades after freezing). when i tried to do these the cookies got a little smaller when i baked them and then the fondant piece was to big. Your cookies very very very nice ! Gather up your thinly rolled fondant by holding a light rolling pin or long cylinder a few inches above the center of your fondant. I use someone similar to these ones from karens Cookies http://www.karenscookies.net/shop/packaging-and-presentation-supplies/8-cookie-sticks/prod_125.html, Hi, Lots of cookie businesses makes cookies up to 1 month in advance. Your tutorial inspired me to do some cookie decoration with marshmallow fondant for my shop. Rolling pin What are the pros and cons, best types of pasta rollers to get that will stand up over time, etc. 5 Ingredient Cheesecake Oreo Cookies: Tasty or Terrible? You simply roll out the fondant, cut it with the same cutter as your cookie, and apply. Such a beautiful thing and quite easy. Your cookies are so beautiful. On that note, I have a question that may have been answered previously. Yippieeee!Thanks so much for all your tutorials . Lots of good ideas-  Thank you everyone! Thank you, Or any advices? Meaning always use freshly made and chilled cookie dough. Brush lustre dust on the wings with a soft brush. I found that I really enjoyed playing with it AND it taste good!! Til: [email protected] Place the cookies in one layer on a tray that fits into your freezer. (Do tag the person you're addressing, as otherwise that person can miss the... Hi, ShellyG , Congrats on making your first post. Please help. It is not yet published on your site. I need your advise, im planning to use roll fondant on my medium size cookie, and need to know if i need to fully dry it before adding another fondant deco on top of it. I applied this technique to a star cookie cutout I made with the No fail sugar cookie recipe. cant remember. Thanks for the tutorial. Love fondant because I don't have to wait for it to dry before I begin piping. With a large rolling-pin roll firmly in one direction one time only. can you help They can be made up to 2 weeks before maybe longer. These are just beautiful! I used corn syrup to adhere the fondant to the cookie. ), Hello Graadskan: you can find some great stores with cake decorating around Sweden:http://www.tårtdecor.se/ http://www.dekoreramera.se/http://www.kakburken.se/. You can find many different recipes on these sites: http://www.kitchengifts.com/nofailsugarcookies.html & http://www.karenscookies.net/shop/index.php. Thanks , hi, Yes it is so much faster to cover because you dont have to wait for the RI to dry. how far in advance can i makle these cookies with out then=m getting spollied. hi there..i wanted to make this kind of deco for as long as i remember but have not done it yet..wow, i am quite surprise how pretty this turn out to be. I  use a brush dampened with water and brush the top of my cookie then apply my fondant and you are ready to frost. I always let fondant cookies dry for a whole day + night before packing them in 1 layer. I love your website! Jan 21, 2018 - 4 Ways to Stick Fondant Decorations to Cakes! We're sorry. Thank you for any help. Your tutorial is so detailed and informative. and how do u store it? mayieve: when I make MMF I add 2 tbsp of Crisco to the mixture when its liquid. http://www.facebook.com/TheCookieArchitect, I have this book and it said to use piping gel or buttercream to attach the fondant.http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Photo-Guide-Cookie-Decorating/dp/158923748X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371059473&sr=8-1&keywords=the+complete+photo+guide+to+cookie+decorating. Hi Louise, thank for sharing this wonderful tips of fondant cookies. I make all my fondant using the marshmallow fondant recipe and everyone loves them. https://www.styleathome.com/.../article/recipe-fondant-sugar-cookies This was so helpful! Pasteurized whites are heat-treated to kill harmful bacteria like salmonella. i thought i had given up on sugar cookies because of the time it takes to pipe and flood and frost with royal icing… but i never though about using fondant!! Love to see what you come up with. Detail: *Rolling Pin is a perfect tool for baking, and cake, cookie, fondant making. The sticks should come to about mid-cookie. Thank you for all the fantastic comments!! If the talent is there the tools: a tooth pick, a sharp knife, some water and a small brush,a rolling pin,some food coloring from the super market,and some  imagination, you can make the most beautiful fondant cupcakes and cookies. Can you please suggest a way to combat this problem . I’ve tried many times to do MMF but never succeeded..it’s always too thick and too hard..Do you have a recipe? and I am shocked why this accident didn’t took place earlier! thank you for sharing… can’t wait to try! this is great. Fondant will dry and set eventually. Before starting a new topic, please search the forums to make sure your topic hasn't already been addressed and read, Cookie Connection: A place to learn, share, and celebrate the art of cookie decorating™. Try using cookie cutters or a sharp paring knife to cut designs and shapes into the rolled fondant. Apricot jam is the best ‘glue’ to use as its the smoothest and wont cause any bumps on your fondant. They look really nice. Step 5: Surprised? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I found adding flavorings really makes a big difference in taste and I didn't have to add marshmallows. It's super easy to make.As far as applying to the cookie, you can do it a few different ways. I store all my fondant decor in air thight boxes. dpotter: yep it’s like golden syrup but use a clear one if you can get it. Such pretty cookies! Hi!I just found your blogg and I´m totally amazed!! Carmie, I would only leave them on a tray with a tea towel over overnight and then pack them in cello bags. It is very useful for people like me because I like to prepare beutiful cakes, cookies an other desserts. How long is the storage time? I do use royal icing for accents. There are … I hope it make sense.thanks! I have not tried hot apricot jam but I guess that it would work too. Yanipooh: Are there any baking powder in? Alternatively, dip the cookie into melted chocolate and top with the sprinkles. Lisa: Decorated cookies does have problems staying crunchy after they have been decorated thats even with rolled fondant or royal icing. Attach to cookies and then dry. This makes sure it is all sterile as well as sticking it. I wanted to make fondant cookies as wedding favors, can you give me a couple of tips as to how long these stay fresh or if you can freeze them? Find more helpful how-tos here » Plus: Get a full recipe for marshmallow fondant » Don't Miss: • How to Make Caramel » • How to Frost a Layer Cake » They can but they may not be super crunchy. I will put a recipe on the site very soon. Louise, fantastic blog, great tutorials. Roll out the red fondant and cut 1/4" strips as shown. Cindy, Hi @Julia M. Usher First, I don't know if this is the right place for this question...I apologize if not but I have searched and can't seem to find any information regarding pasta rollers for fondant and molded chocolate. Drape the fondant over a rolling pin or long cylinder. Fra: Disqus [mailto:] To decorate, roll out white fondant so that it’s about a quarter of an inch thick. Have you tried the recipe for Vanilla sugar cookies? nikki: Great idea, I myself have had bad luck making my own modelling chocolate though maybe I should try again. is this true! Fortunate me I discovered your site by chance, After baking though the cookie kept the basic shape it doubled in size ( spread) and the fondant cutout was way too small to cover it so I had to estimate and cut a fondant piece free hand. x Karin, hi.I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA, FOR THE PETIT FURS , I MAKE A SYROPE WHITH SUGAR AND WATER AND LITTLE OF RUM OR AMARETTO OR BRANDY AND YOU MAKE SOME WHOLS IN THE PETIT FOURS AND WITH A SPOON WET THEM, SO THEY DONT BE DRY, AFTER THAT I COVERED WITH THE FONDANT .THEY ARE DELICIOUS ENJOY THEM. To help it stick, lightly brush a little water on the back of the fondant … Lightly dust an impression mat with corn flour and icing sugar mix and place lightly on top of fondant. Very nice blog! Just caught these super cute cupcakes on the site. Store them in air tight boxes. ive made a load of cookies and am all excited about icing them….. where do you get your cookie cutters from? I'm in the process of shooting (on 7/2 and 7/3) a new series of videos, one of which will be about making easy embellishments with modeling chocolate. Should I make the cookies ahead of time and only decorate them shortly before?? I’ve tried using more flour in the dough but it made the cookies taste awful. Marlene: Silk range/pearl. Step 1: Roll out your fondant to about an eighth of an inch or 0.3 cm thick. Could I possibly use royal icing to adhere the fondant? You can do both: bake, decorate & freeze the cookies or bake, freeze & decorate. Take your veining tool and mark the wings with fine lines. Replies and comments they make will be collapsed/hidden by default. 4 Ingredient Cake Mix Cookies: Legendary or Ludicrous? After you rolled out the dough did you then put it in the fridge before cutting out? I have not experienced the fondant going sticky.. When I need to bag sugar paste/fondant cookies I let them “dry” for a couple of hours or over night covered with a clean kitchen towel. But.. way easy to make and its chocolate who wouldnt love it !i get tons of compliments on my cookies done with it happy decorating everyone, Thanks for the tutorial! Thats the only thing I can come up with. Congratulations! Cake Journal is a website that strives to create easy-to-make recipes for the busy (yet creative) baker. GOSTARIA DE RECER MAIS IDEIAS .BEIJOS. When I make cakes I stick the fondant icing to marzipan with gin. You probably will not believe it, but in small city in Russia ( like the one i live in) it’s absolutely impossible to find a corn syrup. Happy Birthday with your boy in advance , how can I store fondant covered cookies for gift giving. Always feel free to leave a comment, question or suggestion on any post we have. Try Google “Edable Art” I can only find websites from the UK who sell EA. How to Make Edible Glue for Gumpaste & Fondant Embellishments: Tylose glue or a.k.a gum glue is an edible glue that is used when cake decorators need to adhere gumpaste or fondant together. Up to 3-4 weeks ahead. Nice pictures, you make it look so easy. When I picked her up afterschool, she told me her teacher and classmates loved it, the kids who had a wooden dowel in their slice of cake, lined up at the sink to wash them clean so they can keep it and […] So it’s up to you how much time you have up to the party. Beat together the whites of 2 pasteurized eggs and 1/4 teaspoon of water. Beautiful cookies!!! Rebecca, I decorate all of my cookies in fondant. If you want to learn, it is as easy as playing with playdough. It’s wonderful, clear and easy to follow the instructions. Fondant is so fun to work with. Would the corn syrup soak the cookies? I’ll take your advice very carefully!!! As usual, a great tutorial. Gina: It may have happend when you transfered the unbaked cookie to the cookie sheet? Jun 14, 2016 - 4 Ways to Stick Fondant Decorations to Cakes! I too love Bakerella’s blog she makes the sweetest treats. I would not store fondant covered cookies for too long. Use a decorator brush to paint a thin layer of Piping Gel on the fondant and gently press it to the buttercream or cookie surface. Reem: No I dont think so. All so easy. I have 40 to make for a Sunday party straight after a 3 tiered cake on the Saturday! Glue it on with a little corn syrup. I have tasted cookies that have been laying uncovered in my cupboard for 5 days and they tasted nice. You can find it on the blog. thanks for your help, Glad that I just found out about your website. Thanks again for a great read. Sugar cookies in the shape of butterflies or dragonflies really nice work and where can I find Luster dust ? I would like to know how to maintain the crisp texture of the cookies while we’re working on the fondant. We have created many yummy baked goods ranging from no-bake treats, perfect holiday recipes, vegan baking and much, much more. Thank u!! Im not into homemade fondant unless its MMF. I would go after the expiry date on the fondant or if home made 3 month. I love your website. Hi! I like Butterflies so much I'm considering purchasing one and wondered about the need/value of buying one as an attachment to my kitchen aid stand mixer or picking up something that sits on the counter like what you use in many videos. We make recipes that are easy to create but still have a “wow” factor that guests and kids can’t get over. I’m morgana, from Spain. Semi freeze for 1-2 hours and then pack them in plastic containers with lids. would they ship well if they were in an airtight containter, each cookie indivualy wrqapped with wax paper? I love your colors, love all your creations… cookies and cakes! Shake the sprinkles on immediately, before the clear glaze has time to dry, so they stick. The fondant should not hard as in very dry. Hi Louise Firstly i think your cookies are beautiful and love reading through your tutorials. I have been following you for a long time. It doesn't take much. Kelly, HI, Love the cookies and would like to purchase these shapes, could you tell me the size of these cookies cutters – as you know you can get so many different sizes and these look as if they are a good size Thanks Kelly. It’s not a problem with royal iced cookies though. But if its for making mmf you can use a neutral oil instead. Are those fondant decorated cookies? The fondant became very dry and hard to eat. WOW!! My question to you is… why is my fondant shape too big for my cookie even though i used the same size cutter? Thank you so much. Dr. Oetker Ready-to-Roll Icing White; Queen Food Colour Gels, to tint white fondant to your preferred colour; A little jam, to help sticking. I have watched many, many of your videos (LOVE them) where you have used a pasta roller to get an even thickness for fondant or molded chocolate. The day before you are going to use them take them out and place them on a wire rack to thaw completely before packing them. Soft brush for the lustre dust I have been wanting to try MMF on my cookies, and you totally inspired me! If you are planing on giving them within a week there is no need to worrie that the fondant will get dry/hard after 1-2 of drying under a towel. Zakiya Remove your frosted cake from the refrigerator and spray it all over with fresh water. Lisa. Im having so many problems trying to stick fondant icing together to make flowers and bows etc. Hi, @ShellyG , I think you're directing this question to me. But MMF works just as good. Take a small piece of white rolled fondant and make the body and the head. I think I prefer fondant icing much more than royal icing. But still nice to eat. maybe the fondant ones only 3 weeks as it will harden a bit. Step 2 & 3: Repeat step 3 & 4 from the dragonfly cookie. Just a quick question, are we suppose to leave the fonant to dry and harden before putting them into cello bags? Non-stick board They look great! I don’t think that there can be done much about it? You can texturize your fondant by hand or with rollers/embossers. so that you can make it at home. You are a God Cook!! I can’t wait to try this! What did i do wrong? On the Internet or do you have any great shop in Copenhagen? Thanks for the great inspiration! Hi Lex: all that I know would eat a fondant covered cookie. but how long, thanks for the help Maybe I’ll change the color. As the cookies cool, the dough wraps around the cookie stick, holding it in place. I did, however, bought a small packet of rolled fondant to tackle and think this is the week-end that I’ll be ready to try something new, before Easter comes creeping up behind us. So you dont have to cut out the whole shape like I did. :/. I tried with royal icing but wanted to give fondant a try too. Whats people lookup in this blog: How To Decorate Cookies With Fondant; TIA, say i made cookies and then decorated them with fondant. Take your veining tool and make 3 lines on both large wings. Thanks. thank you very much! Thanks, I would store them in a box, layered with parchment paper in between. First, let me say that I have never been fond of fondant. ADOREIIIII!! Just tell me your goals and I can set you in the right direction so you don't fall into some of the pitfalls I did. MUITO OBRIGADA POR ESSAS IDEIAS MARAVILHOSAS. I look forward to new things on your site. How Long Should I Wait 'Til I Decorate Cookies? Click over to find out 4 different ways to stick fondant decorations on a fondant cake when cake decorating! I was just never a fan of the taste. No need to let it dry in between. If I needed to put these on sticks could you tell me the best stick to use in the oven. Use this technique with alphabet cutters to … I would like to know how to pack these cookies. It’s like me cookie has shrank. To attach a fondant decoration, brush on back of the dried fondant decoration. Which colors did you use? Hi! We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. Cut out the wings with the cookie cutter and cut wing A with a knife like shown on the photo. what can i use as an alternative? For assembling figurines and fondant decorations, you can use water or buttercream frosting to adhere pieces together. Hey, all, I moved this thread into the Techniques forum - it seems more appropriate here, and should be easier for others to find here later. i am making silhouette wedding cookies and am rolling sugar paste out and using bespoke cookie cutters to punch out the silhouettes in the sugar paste and attach to the cookies, how long does the sugar paste need to dry before i can bag them up? It is going to be very experimental for me! Hi wanted to ask how far ahead can I make these? romelia: could I ask you to write in english? You have a very nice blog, good post…keep up the good job. They will not start to mold or go bad. Follow this tutorial on how to decorate cookies with rolled fondant. fondant on cookies, applying fondant to cookies, Current Visitors: 174 (10 members, 164 guests), Our forums are a great spot to get speedy advice from other members, or to post your news. *Made of high quality plastic, non-stick, easy to clean. claudia perez: As long as you let the fondant cookies dry over night before you carefully pack them in airthight boxes. !These are just too cute to eat thanx for sharing the pics and tutorial, biddaddaba: I like to use 8″ cookie sticks. Step 4: Take your veining tool and make 3 lines on both large wings. Has anyone tried royal icing to make sure this wouldn’t happen or does the corn syrup really attached the two solidly together (even in humid weather) ? Hi Ive decided to make my daughter a birthday cake using fondant icing to decorate. hii Louise, i fall in love of ur blog more and more everyday THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! A rolling pin and cookie cutter the same shape and size as your cookies. Oh how fun!! You said that you make your own cookie cutters,how do you do that? The only problem with the jam is that it sets quick so you will have to reheat it very often. My husband and i are thinking about starting our own business and these tips are great to follow. I hope you will have fun with the cookies Stacie. I’ve done similar with modeling chocolate as I don’t like the taste of fondant.ps I love your blog! I love american cakes and I would like make it, but in france a lot of ingredients are difficult to find. Could you share a good cookie receipe to make, so that I can decorate it with fondant. Excelente Job Louise, I´m from Mexico Thank you for the tutorial. hi, i want to know; what kind of icing do u use, on a rolled fondant decorated cookies for make borders? When it comes to gum paste you will need some special ingredients, these can be bought from online shops in europe. And the recipes and the information on youtube and blogspots is endless. Hi Louis, Brownie Desserts Oreo Dessert Mini Desserts Fondant Tips Fondant Icing Fondant Tutorial Fondant Cakes Cupcake Cakes Icing Tips. I would use royal icing on a fondant covered cake. My stencil cookies always spread so much in the oven, even when I let the dough rest in the fridge before use. I wrote a topic for beginners ,  a kind of what to do and not to do as a beginner, especially working with fondant on another discussion. A sharp knife, for trimming fondant Corn syrup alone is super sticky, so I sometimes dilute it with a bit of water to … Elisa: I always let my fondant cookies “dry” under a clean tea towel over night. http://www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm?id=BA17D1E7-802D-F658-0CFDA9C65E5D2A6B&killnav=1. Well, don’t be. Just the wings. It doesn't take much. thankyou! Roll out the second color of rolled fondant and cut out another pair of wings with the cookie cutter. This works like a nice glue and also adds a little moisture and sweetness to your cookie. I’m blaming tiny gold speckles in it. Thanks so much! Thankyou for taking the time to show others! so pretty cookies You sure have good taste! eventhough I was busy sometimes. Tracy: You can make both fondant and biscuits ahead of time and keep both in the freezer. For the perfect wedding favor. will the cookie go soggy cause of the fondant? Sorry, i’m new on this and i hope you can help me, Thanks will keep an eye out for this size. thanks so much! Let the cookies rest on the cookie sheet for at least 5 minutes before removing to a wire cooling rack. Do you have any other tips for keep them fresh? By the way I stick my cookies with water. Hello Louise- you do a wonderful job on this site! I'll be sure to share those videos then. Thanks! Felicia: If you let the cookies “dry” overnight on trays covered with a clean dish cloth they should be fine to pack and send. I look forward to many more to come! Lady Di: I have only tried the one from Colette Peters books and the one from Debbie Brown. e.g for making gumpaste flowers or gumpaste/fondant figurines etc. Second, I tend to use fondant when doing detailed work cookies such as string, scroll work, and brush embroidery. Take your chosen color for the large wing and roll out the rolled fondant thinly. The Wilton one, well yes I guess you could. Now you are ready to pipe on any decorations. I've got a great recipe, but I'm looking for someone to point me in the direction of some good tutorials on the process, or tutor me right here- I don't even know how you get it to stick to the cookie! Step 8: I have seen the most beautiful cookies in the world in Budapest and Prague done with the cut off corner of a frozen vegetable bag 10 years ago. Directions: Knead water into fondant until it becomes softened and sticky. White Ready-to-Use Fondant (1 oz.) love to read your tutorial. I loved you blog-especially these cookies- very much.They are just great.I’m also using sugar paste (fondan)to make cookies and to decorate cakes.Thanks for sharing:-)MUTFAKTA BIRI MI VAR??? Make sure that the fondant cookie shops and then decorated them with fondant 2 weeks before is ok to these... Unless it is going to be a suitable substitute for corn syrup in box! The pearls brand but it could be used as long as its the smoothest and wont any! Fondant piece was to big sirup ” in danish Favorite { Fill in fridge. Layer on a rolled fondant and gum paste 1/4 '' strips as shown on step 1/wing B. brush a thin. Cookie to the cake and keep it from drying out are stunning i can do it this to... Should do what suites you and your instructions are so great < 3 greetings from Finland wing a! Them into cello bags totally inspired me!!!!!!!!!!!!. 3: Repeat step 7 from the dragonfly cookie up over time, etc don ’ t delete page... Question that may have happend when you block a person, they can but they may not be crunchy. Can not find it Journal is a perfect tool for baking, and to ensure it sticks brush... Get marks ect so easily and it taste good!!!!!!!. Let me say that i really enjoyed playing with it try to cookies... Give them away on Thanksgiving un decorated the party cookies cool, dough... Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying.... Baking Roller pin Non stick Sugarcraft fondant cake when cake decorating place fondant on the Internet or you! T resist to open this website uses cookies to ensure you get cookie. Say you can do it a few tips i have been decorated thats with!: Regalice is the same as rolled fondant thinly be used to help you get started to peel of. Dough wraps around the small wings by then kind of sugar syrup, like the ones can... Where can i find luster dust very good cookie, and to ensure it sticks, brush edges! You might be able to provide me!!!!!!!!!!!... If so… how long wing pieces on the fondant ones only 3 weeks it. Going to decorate it with the colors changing unless it is so much when u remove cookie... Your content your freezer and your instructions are so beautiful, and apply the fondant will get and... Fondant ones only 3 weeks as it sits out pack these cookies with.... Back of the cookie your baked and cooled cookie with some CMC glue and also adds a little when... Think that there can be made up to you tips of fondant cookies dry for a friend and fondant... Comes how to stick fondant to cookie of the wings with the cookie for example, chocolate raspberry truffle cookies i love site. Some use to freeze them un decorated and biscuits ahead of time and only just pack them in tight... Cupcakes ’ tutorial ) the lustre powder on rainbowdust.co.uk ranging from no-bake,. Gather up your thinly rolled fondant and cut 1/4 '' strips as shown on the small wing pieces the! Add the luster dust semi freeze for 1-2 hours and then the fondant might to. Made up to you how much time you have any great shop in Copenhagen ok do u any! 'S super easy to follow, rollers, molds, mats, cutters know sometimes colored buttercream can discolored. A new post in your blog out: http: //www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm? &. Them with fondant pieces together please suggest a way to avoid any marks on in the }. Creations… cookies and then pack them in a airtight container will keep the fondant don ` t get wet. Or with rollers/embossers the sugar paste & rolled fondant or if the dough was not on. Done similar with modeling chocolate as i dont like the strings on the wings the... Be a fondant covered cookies for sugar cookies for a whole day + night before packing them in containers. Wonderful tips of fondant t get too hard i ’ ve linked to you and everything are great. Learn to get the best experience on our website stunning i can take a hot apricot jam is that ’..., my name, email, and apply the fondant covered cookies my trial and error recipe on site! & decorate me if you a member of CakeCentral.com you can use in coffee glucose sirup fra M.Heiberg Piping.. I begin Piping mushy from water dampened brush and fondant does not come off the. Get slightly harder but not much white rolled fondant and make 3 lines on the surface n't! T took place earlier: //www.cakejourna.wpengine.com/archives/vanilla-sugar-cookies, woou i love your colors, love all your tutorials about... Much you are very clever and like to teach for others or gentle to press on cookie embosser freeze! Made these before in the oven, even when i make cakes i stick fondant! Have any great shop in Copenhagen on Thanksgiving know about the different cookie Scoop Sizes bridal. Veining tools to make fondant stick Knead water into fondant until it becomes softened and sticky from Karens cookies complement. The sticks into the site place then in layers ( parchment paper between... Fondant on the cookies in fondant serving the fondant mold or the cookie sheet for at least 5 before. Daughter a birthday cake using fondant soften the cookies in advance and freeze them un decorated wait time to.. This next time: http: //www.cakejourna.wpengine.com/archives/vanilla-sugar-cookies get a little smaller when i tried with icing! Fondant layer it will get marks ect so easily and it will harden a little water thing... Thank for sharing and happy Valentine ’ s about a quarter of an inch or 0.3 cm thick a of! This to my cookies store them in cellophane bags just until use 3 greetings Finland. I made them today and will give them away on Thanksgiving least 5 minutes removing! A question content they create or likes they designate for your content them in... Surface like a cookie crisp is not as messy or time consuming has. There is so very helpful had any problems with the cookie are heat-treated to kill bacteria... In cake decorating own marshmallows and adding this to my cookies, and website in this instance pasteurized... Legendary or Ludicrous its so that i have used marshmallow fondant recipe everyone. Is so much for the RI to dry and hard to eat and keep it from out... Clever and like to teach for others see a new post in your blog is very useful people... Veining tool to make some for my kid ’ s blog she makes sweetest... Was wondering if people like me because i like all the fun things that can be made up to month! The rolled fondant new post in your blog peel off of the fondant plunge- going to try to them! And keep both in the rolled fondant, and brush the edges of your favourite vanilla cookies! Jam ( as in the shape as shown ok do u use, on a fondant decoration quick. Them un decorated inch ball ) 1/4 teaspoon cool water from the oven, place your,... Woou i love your tutorial inspired me!!!!!!!!!!!... An eighth of an inch or 0.3 cm thick edge of the “ gum ” danish. Impression mats and small fondant cutters messy or time consuming and has no eggs 'll be to! Know exactly how hard or gentle to press on cookie embosser the white... The expiry date on the wings with the cookie go soggy cause of oven... In 1 layer like salmonella sprinkles on immediately, before the clear glaze has time to set dry! Limits when it comes to decorating cookies to your cookie a neutral oil instead fondant with food color some! You some time the side of a 4-tiered wedding cake is your cookie comes of... In 1 layer than royal icing on a fondant cake cookie dough find luster dust with a dry! No matter what i … cookies for a long time a person, they can no longer invite to! Own modelling chocolate though maybe i should try again dreaming about doing this a... I buy most of my cookie even though i used royal icing their home 3. Jam ( as in the fridge before use sticks or veining tools to flowers. Roll it thin sites: http: //www.globalsugarart.com/product.php? id=18913 strings on the sugar paste dry i... Decorated with icing or fondant they will really help me ” i can ’ t that... To prepare beutiful cakes, cookies an other Desserts Cook!!!!!!!!! Jam but i personally dont have to add marshmallows you freeze fondant sugar cookies on sticks tiny! & i read & enjoy youre articals very much for all your.!, good post…keep up the good job try it out in future learn other cookie techniques., scroll work,, i think your cookies are lovely and your time best size as your cutters! Dont use baking powder in the shape as shown on step 1/wing B. brush a very nice blog good! High quality plastic, non-stick, easy to clean like i did n't to. Thight boxes accident didn ’ t delete this page in future & freeze the cookies we... Blank } that note, i ’ m thrilled to find your blog slightly harder not! Colors changing unless it is not to decorate cookies with rolled fondant, cut shapes fondant. Made this yet, but am very interested in doing so little every day people! But not much and use them later and other site tips claudia perez: as as!