Gun-Nac Video Games, Android Radio Video In-Dash Units with GPS, 2 DIN Video In-Dash Units with Android Radio, Nintendo Gun-Nac Video Games, Auto Extra Parts for Peugeot 307, Auto Extra Car & Truck Charging & Starting Systems for Peugeot, Ignition Systems for Peugeot 206, Emission Systems for Peugeot 206, Emission Systems for Peugeot 307, Gun-Nac is a fast paced, action packed, vertical scrolling shoot-em-up that was published by ASCII in North America for the NES and released in September of 1991.It was developed by a company called Compile which I had never heard of before this game but it seems they favoured the shoot-em-up genre. There was also a parody of Zanac called Gun*Nac, released by Nexoft for the NES in 1991. ROMs NES: Gun Nac (Español) Aqui Descarga el ROMs de Gun Nac (Español) en ESPAÑOL para Nintendo NES para PC, Android, Apple, y Mac OS X. Tambien Visita el post Emuladores de Nintendo, donde podrás descargar el Emulador, o descarga el Emulador que Recomendamo para Windows haciendo clic aqui Emulador para Windows donde funcionan la gran mayoria de los juegos de … 1943 is my favorite NES vertical shooter, with Gun.Smoke coming in second. I like Gun-Nac but it almost has too much going on at one time to be enjoyable. You fight acorns and paperclips and they all look very sharp. Graphics: 8 The graphics are very good. The animated backgrounds are all very complex and advanced for an 8 bit game. Level Passwords 12 BVKH 21 DXNH 22 CGMW 31 NJDT 32 ZFPJ 41 SHMC 42 VLBB 51 NXRD The game was originally developed by Sega for arcades in 1980. Gun-Nac (ガンナック) is a shoot 'em up video game developed by Compile and published by Tonkin House for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 4. Android Games Minecraft PE APK + Mod NBA 2K18 APK MCPE APK Bully: Anniversary Edition APK Don't Starve: Pocket Edition APK Hello Neighbor APK Naruto Senki APK Grand Theft Auto: ... Gun-Nac (605 votes, 7.7/10) Gradius (588 votes, 8.3/10) Godzilla 2 – War of the Monsters (587 votes, 8.2/10) Translation Description: This is an English translation of “Gun-Nac” for the NES. The game was released in Japan on October 5, 1990 and in North America in September 1991. Why no one played it: Gun Nac was a sparsely advertised game with a dull title, but the real deal-killer was the player?s ship itself. It is a parody/semi-sequel to Zanac, featuring comical-styled enemies and bosses. Well-designed ships are often taken for granted in old-school shooters, and saving a star system in Gun Nac?s squat little fighter is the pixelly NES equivalent of driving a wart-colored Volkswagen to the prom. And I like bullet-hell shmups usually.'s game information and ROM download page for Gun Nac (Japan) (Nintendo). The enemies you fight are all normal things that you see in life, except they are posessed by this force. View this page in.. English French German Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish Thai Gun-Nac is one of my favorite Nintendo games. Gun-Nac is an action shooter game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The difference between the US version from the JP version is that the former removed some portion of the intro and ending scenes featuring the heroine/mage/pilot. Recca is graphically impressive but way too hard to be any fun.