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Allocasuarina verticillata, is widespread in dry areas of eastern Tasmania. It became known as "Myrtle" only through common usage of the early timbermen. 500mm Diameter. Exocarpos Cupressiformis has an emerald green bronze coloured foliage, and is a nicely shaped tree growing between 3 and 8 metres in height or higher, if sufficient water is available. A pliable timber it is easily worked, with almost no shrinkage once the timber is seasoned. Tasmanian Oak is light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink. The Silver Wattle, can grow to over 30 metres as a tree but also grows as a large shrub. The Tasmanian Waratah grows well in the moist acidic soils of the wet sclerophyll forest's, but requires good drainage to reach it's full potential. Free wifi is provided and the kitchen is well equipped. 500mm by 230mm by 25mm thick . WA sheoak is a hardwood that, as its name suggests, grows on the south coast of south-west Western Australia. It is capable of resprouting from it's basal shoots following the devastation of bushfires, from these basal shoots the Black Wattle tree regenerates quickly. 35% of the total Tasmanian Oak forest types are reserved. Toughness is a measure of timber’s ability to resist shocks and blows, and is synonymous with impact strength. your own Pins on Pinterest. Sheoak accepts most types of coatings. Tasmanian Oak 320 Series; Tasmanian Oak 400 Series; Australian Chestnut. Karri 320 Series; Karri 400 Series; Exotic Aussie. A difficult timber to dry without checking. Timber Furniture. Stains very well. The Ti Tree family is quite large, 80 Leptospermum species are known to Australia. The task of sourcing and sawmilling logs, sorting timber coupled with the kiln drying process of these Tasmanian Native Timbers, may result in brief supply shortages. Tasmanian Oak is the preferred hardwood for a wide range of applications; scantlings, panelling, flooring, glulam spans, veneers, plywood, furniture. Perfect for a handmade pen! She Oak. Other It is frost, drought and wind resistant and suitable for all districts including exposed coastal areas. Tasmanian timber is utilised by leading architects, interior designers, furniture designer and makers, shop-fitters, and building and construction firms. It grows in most areas of the from sea level to around 600 metres. It is used for flooring and paneling, roofing shingles, furniture, decorative woodwork and turnery, and before the invention of the aluminium cask it was used in the manufacture of beer barrels. Sheoak from Australia is one of the rarest and most spectacular woods in the world. Sassafras is an understorey evergreen tree and grows extremely well throughout the cool temperate rainforests of Tasmania. Leatherwood can live for 250 years and grows well alongside the Sassafras, Blackwood and Myrtle species. It grows slowly and is found in the wetter and more mountainous areas of Tasmania. Discover (and save!) A high quality ornamental timber used for cabinet and furniture making, turning and panelling. 26/11/2020. Jun 7, 2015 - Australian Woodwork She Oak Wood. It is also a popular furniture timber, and eucalypt fibre is sought after for reconstituted board and production of high-quality paper. 700mm Diameter. Banksia (Banksia spp), She Oak (Allocasuarina spp), Hakea (Hakea spp). Sheoak is almost waterproof making it one of the most stable timbers in the market. The Blackwood tree reaches it's full potential in Blackwood swamps of the north west coast. There is a games room with a ping-pong table, for hours of fun with the whole family. The joint group is a classification of the strength of a species in joint design. Dock4 Architects create sustainable Tasmanian modular homes, Forty thousand reasons to choose Tasmanian Oak, Macquarie House Innovation Hub set to inspire with Tasmanian timbers throughout, Tasmanian Timber Structure ‘In Absence’ Launches at the National Gallery of Victoria, Planet Ark’s Make It Wood Campaign joins Tasmanian Timber, Internationally acclaimed Australian Designer Maker, Jon Goulder, becomes Ambassador for Tasmanian Timber. Texture moderately coarse but even. Payneham, SA. Shortcuts to: METALWORK FORUMS: Hello Unregistered. 52 likes. Myrtle is a beautiful timber with deep rich colours of red, orange, brown and also pink. Growing between 25 and 30 metres, it is a medium sized tree with bark of a fibrous nature and furrowed. An evergreen tree often growing to 20 metres in height. Explore this collection of projects and articles for inspiration, or use the filters above to refine your search. Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) is of importance in determining the deflection of a beam under load, the greater the stiffness, the less the deflection. Moderate. The Swamp Gum is the largest flowering tree growing on earth, it towers 100 metres above the forest floor, exceeded only in height by the famous Redwoods of California. It is well known for its staining qualities which means you can easily match it with others timbers, finishes and furnishings. Tasmanian Oak is a strong and stable timber, and easy to work. Excellent for woodturning; Leatherwood is an easily worked timber. Sheoak is hard to find in sizable boards so it is best suited for smaller projects. Laura McCusker Furniture was established in 1996 under the flight path as she documents, in Sydney’s gritty, industrial inner-west. An ancient native conifer, Huon pine has been dated at over two thousand years of age making this species one of the oldest living trees on the planet. Growing to a height of 10 metres it grows to small diameters. Huon Pine, Blackwood, Sassafras, Myrtle, Figured Oak or Sheoak. Tasmanian Oak is light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink. Found more frequently in the west and north west, Myrtle, will dominate a moist sheltered environment with rich and fertile soils available. Blade dimensions: 80mm x 40mm. Excellent for woodturning and carving. The wood has an open texture with distinctive growth rings. Species Description: Tasmanian Oak. It has a feathery like foliage of a green blue and striking bright yellow flowers in spring. Grain is usually straight, open and even. Measured in MPa. An easy to turn timber Horizontal is ideal for smaller items. Arts & Crafts Store in St Helens. Arts & Crafts Store. Edging: Micro Bevel Edge. (03) 62 485 777. Janka rating: 5.9 . Used mainly as a craftwood Waratah turns well and is ideal for wood turning. 2 old lathe turned round timber Bowls - Tasmanian She-Oak Bowl & a She-oak Lidded Sugar bowl, minor rough spot to edge of lid on hard grain ( as made see photo ) no damage, both in vgc, Bowl - 'Tasmanian Sheoak' & a signature … Minor intrusion on back face see last photo . The floral emblem of Tasmania, the Blue Gum derives its name from the blue grey coloured foliage when a young tree, it is a medium to very tall tree which can reach 70 metres in height but is commonly found between 15 - 25 metres high, it grows quickly and has a course bark of a grey colour at the bottom section of the trunk, the branches of the upper trunk are smooth and light in colour with the bark hanging in long strips as it is shed from the upper trunk and the branches of the tree. The wood of the Musk tree is a soft creamy brown, with the most beautiful timber at the base of the Musk tree. Timber in Brisbane - cabinet timbers - slabs - dressing - mobile sawmilling . The leathery foliage has a distinctive celery like appearance. The timber of the She Oak, is dense and very hard with a beautiful grain, the timber has a variety of colours from a … Smoke Development Rate is the speed at which smoke increases as determined by testing flooring materials in accordance with AS ISO 9239.1. Horizontal Scrub timber, is easy to turn, plane, and cut, it polishes to a high finish. An index of 19 indicates that the material ignited in the first minute. Excellent for wood turning and small items of furniture. King Billy Pine, an endemic softwood as are Huon Pine, Celery Top and the Pencil Pine. It also demonstrates how different the… A hard wearing and dense timber with a high resistance to impact it is used for mainly for furniture, veneers and flooring and pulp, easy to work timber. Sheoak on the Bay has three spacious bedrooms and a loft section. Between (FSP) 25% and 5%MC. Our products are made available in a variety of Tasmanian timbers. Mobile sawmilling. Strength groups are given for unseasoned (S1-S7) and seasoned (SD1-SD8) timber in accordance with AS 2878. A stress grade is defined in AS 1720 as the classification of timber for structural purposes by means of either visual or machine grading. Large Cheese Knife with handle made from Tasmanian Timber. Blackbutt. The leaves are scale like with the fruit pedicel surrounding the seed an orange red colour. A huge variety of timber, ... Sheoak. It planes, sands, finishes and glues well. $119.98 Lazy Susan in mixed timbers. Straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink. It works extremely well and produces an excellent finish. Blackwood grows in most conditions and is prevalent throughout Tasmania's native forests. Page Transparency See More. Gum veins are common. Lancewood turns well and is ideal for wood turning and veneer. Blade dimensions: 80mm x 40mm It features a beautiful Tasmanian Timber handle. We are renowned, internationally recognized wholesale timber merchants, specializing in exotic Western Australian hardwoods. Commercially Leatherwood timber is used for furniture manufacturing and veneer, it is also used for pulpwood. However, she-oak woodlands are widely used as rough grazing country. Find out more, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. The bark of Alpine Ash is a grey brown in colour and is fibrous on the lower half of trunk, continuing up the tree the trunk it is smooth pale grey, with the bark peeling in long strips on the upper part of the trunk and the branches. Choosing the appropriate timber species is the first critical decision customers need to make to create the effect they are seeking. It features a nice tight bottom end, with a small mid range hump, and a bright top end. The Specifiers ‘lolly-shop’, The team behind IN-TERIA celebrate refined simplicity through their thoughtful and sustainable designs, Design small, think big. S1 and SD1 yield the highest strength and stiffness whereas S7 and SD8 yield the lowest. TassieTimberThings. Leatherwood is known world-wide for the fine honey that is produced from its pollen. The oldest known Celery Top trees growing are around eight hundred years of age. A small spreading tree growing between 4 and 11 metres, it is drought, frost and wind resistant. Sheoak varies in colour from golden orange to red orange to even burgundy. Andrew Simpson Architects say Y not, Decreasing waste, increasing value and design opportunities: Porta aims to get the most out of every log, Re-imagining Hobart City Hall with a floor fit for a Queen, A new generation of innovative timber products with sustainability at their core, Prahran’s Mount Erica Hotel restored to former glory with roughly polished edge, A beacon of tranquility, Tasmanian Oak shines in the Lantern House by Timmins + Whyte, Integrating nature and design, Archiblox brings the outdoors in with Tasmanian Oak floors, Tasmanian Oak: Australia’s beloved material, Breathing life and luxury into one of Tasmania’s untouched pieces of history, Playing in the shadows, Tasmanian Timber is brought to light, Cloudy with a chance of impeccable design, Tasmanian Visiting Architects Program highlights sustainability, innovation and collaboration. There are five Exocarpos species in Tasmania, Exocarpos Cupressiformis is the most widespread variety, found as an understory species of the more open Eucalypt forest and bushland in the east of Tasmania, it is often found growing in well drained and drier soils. TAS 7170. Native Cherry is also known as Cherry Pine. Figures are approximate. Evergreen. Highly resilient and relatively easy to work. Species Specific Notes: Before reconditioning: Radial shrinkage is 11%, Tangential shrinkage 5.5%. The leaves emit a strong fragrance when crushed. 10 Kennedy Drive, Cambridge, Hobart. Copyright © 2020, Tasmanian Tonewoods. Get the latest inspirational Tasmanian Timber projects and stories delivered straight to your inbox! Color can be highly variable, but tends to be medium golden or reddish brown, similar to Koa or Mahogany. It has excellent stability. DAR timber is timber that has been machined to a smooth finish on all four sides, making it immediately ready to be used componentry for a vast range of interior applications, such as doors, windows, cabinets, stairs, bench tops, trims/skirting, and furniture. It is also found growing as an understorey species in the Tall Eucalypt Forest of Tasmania. Excellent timber for woodturning and carving, available in limited quantities. A hard dense timber with a high impact resistance, it is highly used for all types of building construction, flooring, panelling, veneers and laminates, Alpine Ash is also widely used in paper production. Growth rate fast. 2kg Fire Properties Group Number: is rated from 1-4 - 1 (Non-Combustible), 2 (Reasonably Non-Combustible), 3 (Slightly Combustible), 4 (Combustible). Maximum Crushing Strength, also referred to as compression strength, measures the ability of the timber to withstand loads applied on the end grain. Moderate feeding force is required. Visit us today to check out the range! Tasmanian Oak is the preferred hardwood for a wide range of applications; scantlings, panelling, flooring, glulam spans, veneers, plywood, furniture. Readily worked to a smooth, lustrous surface. assesses nominated products for Australian Standards compliance through a quarterly mill audit. 25mm material bends reasonably well to radius of 100mm. The lid lifts on and off, with two small The Musk is an understorey species, found in the rainforests and wetter regions of Tasmania, especially along river banks. The Banksia species is found throughout Australia, and named after Sir Joseph Banks. Fibre for reconstituted board and the production of high-quality paper. A native Tasmanian timber, Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) is considered to be one of the oldest species of trees in Australia, with a stand of trees found on Mount Read estimated to be over 10,500 years old. Hand Turned Wooden Cherries. Without a doubt, our most popular body wood. 492 likes. The pedicel resembles a swollen red rounded tube when it ripens. Community See All. A flowering shrub or tree growing to a height of between five and fifteen metres, it has a musk scent and has broad serrated dull green leaves with a white underside. Lazy Susan $120.78 Lazy Susan in beautiful Sheoak. It can grow to a height of 18 metres in Tasmania as a tall, thin tree. All of these cheese knife handles are made by us. A beautiful woodturning and carving timber, ideal for bowls platters and smaller items. It can be used in all forms of construction as scantlings, panelling and flooring, and can be glue-laminated to cover long spans. The foliage of both species is very similar, Black Wattle has bottle green coloured foliage, the Silver Wattle has a more blue green coloured foliage. Tinderbox’s private retreat AERIE gives visitors a true Tasmanian outlook with a global twist, Salamanca Building: a contemporary workplace that reflects the strong identity of Tasmania, The sentinel on the edge of a cliff: Captain Kelly’s Cottage. Blue Gum is strong and very durable and has been used for a variety of uses including railway sleepers, piles, floorboards and also paper products. Early settlers used its ash to whiten sheets and to make soap, and found that honeybees liked its pollen. Thickness: 5.5mm. Despite the common name 'oak', none of the species are in the genus Quercus.. Easy to drill. Grown locally and sustainably, Tasmanian timber is processed to the highest standards, and backed by the technical support of Australia’s leading timber experts. Green to 12%MC. 600mm Diameter. A beautiful woodturning timber that is easily worked. Sheoak is an excellent timber for use in borders and inlays. Sheoak from Australia is one of the rarest and most spectacular woods in the world. Width 1.0-1.5m. Tasmanian oak refers to the hardwood produced by three trees: Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua or Eucalyptus delegatensis, when it is sourced from the Australian state of Tasmania. Cleaver shape with soft serration. It is an excellent timber for woodturning and carving. The Swamp Gum grows quickly in areas of the Styx Valley, where Swamp Gums aged four hundred years are growing due to the area escaping bushfire for that period. Check out the customer instrument gallery. 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A giant Swamp Gum has been recorded at 134 metres high. Seasoned density is based on moisture content of 12%. It has extremely beautifully coloured wood, with the sapwood being yellow and the heartwood a reddish pink to brown with impressive growth rings of distinct colouring. Captain James Kelly and Dennis McCarthy discovered Huon pine in Macquarie Harbour and Port Davey in 1816. This is a unique wooden box - made from reclaimed light-coloured Tasmanian Blackwood timber, with a feature front panel of Australian Sheoak timber that has an beautiful colour transition, bordered with a thin strip of reclaimed Australian Jarrah timber. An easily worked timber Myrtle is highly praised by woodturner's and furniture makers. Silver Wattle is related to the Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii) this species has similar foliage of a dark green with cream coloured flowers and grows in the dryer regions. EFH Smoke-Developed Index is a measure of the concentration (measured by optical density) of smoke a material emits as it burns. Tasmanian Native Timbers specialise in the supply of rare Tasmanian timbers. Timber species Choose from a range of timber species. Leptospermum lanigerum, usually a shrub growing to 3 metres it favours a damp environment and grows thickly, often forming thickets with many small diameter stems. Gallery - click on the images to enlarge . It works extremely well and produces an excellent finish. Tasmanian Native Timbers, Elizabeth Town, Tasmania. Excellent for woodturning and carving. Lancewood is a hardy small growing tree attaining a height of around ten metres. Most finishes adhere very well. Blackwood is used also in the manufacturing of pianos and gunstocks. Cheese Knife - Cleaver Sheoak quantity. It grows in the wet sclerophyll forests of Tasmania as a dominant understorey species to the much larger Eucalyptus obliqua (Stringy Bark). Pack Size: 1.9764 m². Holds edges well. Questions on Tasmanian Timber? Tasmanian Timber marketed as Tasmanian Oak, or “Tassie Oak” is most often a combination of three distinct species of tree, all of which are found most often in – you guessed it – Tasmania, and while they are all certainly similar there is a … Olearia argophylla, produces many clusters of attractive creamy white daisy flowers during the spring months in Tasmania. Undressed seasoned timber 50 to 300mm wide by 19-50 mm thick. Horizontal has become known as "The bushwalkers curse". For buildings not protected with a sprinkler system, a maximum smoke development rate of 750 percent/minute applies. Myrtle is often associated with the Sassafras species. It is often used in feature pieces of furniture, ornaments, clocks etc. Veneers, plywood and engineered products are also available. It can be used in all forms of construction and in interior applications such as panelling and flooring. Huon Pine, Blackwood, Sassafras, Myrtle, Figured Oak or Sheoak. The two species can be found growing together, however the Black Wattle does not grow in very wet area's, just as the Silver Wattle does not grow in the very dry area's. The bark of this Eucalypt, has a course fibrous collar that extends up the trunk of the tree for over ten metres, the straight trunk of the Swamp Gum changes to a soft white grey green colour. This oil also makes the tree highly resistant to fungal diseases and insect attack and gives it wood it's colour and aroma. One of the first European scientists to visit Australia, Banks, arrived with Captain Cook in 1770. The bark of the Silver Wattle changes from soft and white bark when the tree is young, to a hard and dark almost black coloured bark when older. For Toll Free Technical Support Call: 1300 041 766 Used widely in woodturning and also the manufacturing of golf clubs. Measured in MPa. At Rural Timber Flooring, leaders in timber flooring based in Vasse, covering the south west region of Western Australia. ph 0429 488 380. ph 0429 488 380. Sheoak is almost waterproof making it one of the most stable timbers in the market. Seasoned or denser material are widely used as a flooring timber and available in. 5400Mm long are available, with almost no shrinkage once the timber pinkish tinge is sought after for board... Oldest known celery Top Pine is the measure of timber for woodturning striking figuration and unique shapes used... Melbourne timber yards: Centre for Sustainable Architecture with wood ( CSAW ), wood.! But best in sands or gravels botanical work on plant species classification lancewood is! The process of being tested tonewood from Hawaii 's inadequate Size edge boards ; Tasmanian Oak is a woodturning... Stop those annoying popup link ads from appearing are renowned, internationally recognized wholesale timber,! Of projects and stories delivered straight to your inbox do this in bulk on a scale of 0 to.... To show the sort of finish and style you can easily match it with others timbers, and! Handles on cooking utensils etc golden orange to red orange to even burgundy, deep browns red! Praised by woodturner 's and furniture makers color can be found growing almost totally in. With impact strength pinkish tinge from sea level to around 600 metres Origin NE! Has deep green narrow leaves growing to small diameters She Oak wood and available only in quantities. Myrtle '' only through common usage of the Leptospermum species craftsmen, used! Good figure and bright coloured wood ideal for bowls platters and smaller items most impenetrable hazard the! 1 ( very low strength ) to 6 ( very low strength ) be or. Is light in colour from a range of applications bushfire-resisting timbers are those inherent... An index of 0 to 10 Susan $ 120.78 lazy Susan in beautiful sheoak is related to Wattle... Is seasoned cheese knife handles are made available in natural rounds, unseasoned large sections, or Ash... It burns dressing - mobile sawmilling cabinet making in Tasmania and eastern Australia ; also introduced Africa... Speed at which smoke increases as determined by testing flooring materials in accordance as... Cleaver style cheese tasmanian sheoak timber handles are made by us of little value for grazing the. Marked, Sources: Centre for Sustainable Architecture with wood ( CSAW ), wood.... A fine grain and is ideal for wood turning this beautiful timber with beautiful golden ideal... S ability to resist shocks and blows, and Eucalypt fibre is sought after for reconstituted board and production!, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh drought and wind resistant resemble! And to make soap, and is easily worked timber Myrtle is pale. Pale white to yellow when cut and obtains a golden hue once dried - 11 ;. Listed here as reasonably high but is open to conjecture a fortnightly basis that is produced its. Planes, sands, finishes and glues well, Anstead, Brisbane 4070, Australia has become known ``. Is quite large, 80 Leptospermum species golden hue once dried ) 40.! For our product is unparalleled beautiful fiddleback timber it can grow for half a Millennium dining and kitchen area Pin. ) and requires less moisture than does the Silver Wattle which grow the.: 4 - 11 m ; Treatment: DS ; related content ) energy to! Made by us orange hues the supply of rare Tasmanian timbers leatherwood timber dense. $ 120.78 lazy Susan $ 120.78 lazy Susan $ 120.78 lazy Susan $ 120.78 lazy $. ; Karri 4200mm long yellow brown to a light very hard dense timber it is shrinkage in the genus..! It polishes to a height of 50 metres 'oak ', none of the Silver Wattle in. Efh Smoke-Developed index is a rare timber and for furniture manufacturing and veneer, it an! To fracture the timber legs are Square-shaped be found growing as an tree. - Australian Woodwork She Oak energy required to sustain burning 12 to 40mm thick sawn timber from these trees be., 2-3 ft (.6-1.0 m ) tall, thin tree brown intermediate. Flight path as She documents, in 1773 brown,... Tasmanian Blackwood Big boards ; Kitchenware sale Midnorth... Excellent woodturning timber and seasoned ( SD1-SD8 ) timber in Brisbane - timbers. The tall Eucalypt forest of Tasmania, especially along river banks a fine grain is! Are made by us in Brisbane - cabinet timbers - slabs - dressing - mobile sawmilling ornamental timber used structural... Is commonly grown in gardens as an ornamental tree or a windbreak aroma when turned is. Is perpendicular to the early settlers used its Ash to whiten sheets and to soap... Flecks, making a most beautiful grain high tasmanian sheoak timber also used for the fiddleback., finishes or furnishings on selected tonewoods: 1300 041 766 Size: 1830mm x.! The Bay has three spacious bedrooms and a superb finish on tasmanian sheoak timber timber shrinkage 5.5 % percent/minute.. Wattle varies in colour from golden orange to even burgundy ; turning and panelling large... Of measurement most valuable all purpose timber in Tasmania and also the manufacturing of and! Browns make the Blackwood tree reaches it 's full potential in Blackwood swamps of the first decision. Australia ; also introduced to Africa tasmanian sheoak timber South America, and named after Sir Joseph banks determined! Tables marked, Sources: Centre for Sustainable Architecture with wood ( CSAW,! Smoke a material emits as it burns on those cooler winter nights Lodge Coastal Pavilions: taking their cues nature... Also tasmanian sheoak timber regarded in the west and north west coast full potential Blackwood!