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If you tire of the hunt for plus-sized specimens, Parramore recommended, take a break by moving back to the lake. Smith Lake is conveniently located in North Alabama. If you've been catching catfish with the same method for years, it's time to change it up and... Crankbaits mimic exactly what they eat when hungry — other fish! Mack Umbrella Rigs and Tackle, and myself – Capt. When I pull in the back of a slough, I never know if it holds fish. "When they are staging," the guide remarked, "sonar may show a very loose group of fish. When we stopped fishing, we had caught 10 fish weighing 200 pounds. David Hare, owner of Alex City Guide Service, specializes in live bait fishing for trophy-size stripers and is based out of Lake Martin. Their depth varies with temperature. Ready for some fishing. Lake Martin gets very clear (especially downriver below Wind Creek) to a point of 5-10 foot visibility. In fact, I consider Martin Lake the best striper lake in the state.". All Game & Fish subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Winter is one of the two seasons of the year during which artificial lures produce well at Martin. "Even though there are resident stripers that remain in the river year 'round," Parramore reported, "the majority of the big fish move back to the lake. "In clear water, sunlight can penetrate much deeper; therefore, oxygen is available at lower levels. Striper fishing Trips on Lake Martin, Alabama. Call Early For Best Dates - 1-205-647-7683. When he fishes the Tallapoosa, Parramore trolls big shad on planer boards just as before, but switches to the boat motor to counter the current. "I decided to go down there and check it out," Parramore said. Plan your next fishing and boating adventure here. Close proximity to International Airports Atlanta, Montgomery, Birmingham & Nashville. Most fishing rods feature both an action and a power rating, but what do those ratings mean and how do you use them to select the right rod for different scenarios? Stress is caused by shad purging in the holding tank because their waste clogs gills and sends ammonia levels through the roof.". But don't let that stop you. Plus, he can cover a lot of ground. Mike Walker is the owner and head fishing guide. It is looking like it will be a great Striper season on Lake Martin! According to Parramore, it's also when the lake gets the most fishing pressure. For year-round fishing, Parramore catches gizzard shad from the Coosa River, usually in a tailrace below one of the reservoirs. Whether you share your time fishing with family, friends, or … The former require you to cover a lot of water to find them; the latter move too fast for downlines to do their job. Fishing in Lake Martin Located on the outskirts of Alexander City in Central Alabama, Lake Martin is a 39,180-acre impoundment on the Tallapoosa River with an astounding 700 miles of shoreline. "Not only is it an awesome lake for producing numbers of fish, but it also produces unbelievable numbers of trophy fish. While he has taken advantage of other productive Nashville fishing locations, he has always remained focused on Percy Priest. Whether its to traditional stlye trip or a fly fishing trip, you'll find all the information you need to choose the kind of trip your looking for. Lake martin striper fishing image of alabama stripers striped b in alabama s lake martin for three breeds lake martin is still a hot spot lake berland striped b. Parramore finds the schoolies -- fish weighing 10 to 14 pounds -- by either watching for feeding gulls or searching with his sonar. Smith Lake is home to some of the states biggest Striped Bass. Pro’s Capt. The fishermen are out and the fish are biting! Even though striped bass no longer spawn in the Tallapoosa, Parramore notes that the urge to reproduce still influences their actions. Striped Bass Variant Names: Striper, Rockfish, Lineside Quick Links Logan Martin Lake News Logan Martin Lake Photos Logan Martin Lake Videos: Community. Cefus McRae of Nuts & Bolts of Fishing, Capt. We fish out of the latest, most sophisticated center-console and bass boats rigged with the best equipment on the market. "Keeping shad alive is an art form," he noted. Lake Martin Fishing Guides Got You Hooked Guide Service is located at Bay Pines Marina on Lake Martin. He has many years of experience leading guided trips for clients and hunts stripers on Lake Martin every day. It's hard to leave a school to work the edge; if you do, though, you may catch a monster.". ader material, but switches to a 5/0 Daiichi circle hook for large shad. The downriggers did not produce at the first two places we fished; then we moved to Youngs Island. It's the birds that provide him with visual cues. Parramore observed that the transition from winter to pre-spawn begins when stripers start consuming large shad. "The gulls feed on shad the stripers are pushing to the top," he said. "With ample rain, the river current attracts stripers wanting to spawn. Lake Martin Fishing Guides - Below you can find Got You Hooked Guide Service services and rates for our guided fishing trips on Lake Martin, Alabama. As for size, last year we caught 145 fish weighing between 25 and 40 pounds.". Subscriber Services. The other end is furnished with a 1/0 or 2/0 Daiichi circle hook. This Elk Venison Patty Melt Recipe makes the perfect wild game sandwich. We fish out of the latest, most sophisticated center-console and bass boats rigged with the best equipment on the market. The only way you are going to know is to put that big bait out and start working it down one side of the bank going in and the other side coming out. Downlines continue as effective during pre-spawn, but the technique Parramore embraces is the use of side planer boards to search the shallow water of creek and slough edges. "With planer boards," the guide noted, "we may go four hours before a blowup from a big striper. More Episodes. So angler participation increases when striped bass respond to artificial lures. Beginning in mid-to-late December and ending in late February, winter is the most profitable time of year for catching large numbers of striped bass. I had never encountered so many big fish. Striper Fishing . Then, all of a sudden, on Memorial Day weekend they disappeared. Parramore cut his teeth guiding part-time for 10 years at northwest Alabama's Smith Lake. Martin Dam, as it was soon known, was dedicated in honor of Thomas Martin, president of Alabama Power Company from 1920 to 1949 and chief executive officer from 1949 to 1963. At times, when you pull into a school the sonar screen will black out because they are so thick. While he's sure that all creeks potentially hold striped bass, the guide advises starting with the Tallapoosa River or Elkahatchee Creek. Increase a lure’s effectiveness by pairing it with the ideal reel speed. Mack Farr of the popular Capt. When you fish with us, you have guides that know every inch of the beautiful 44,000 acre reservoir called Lake Martin. They give the fish away every time.". Last summer was especially hot; as a result, the guide caught fish as deep as 80 feet. 22ft Cobia Center Consol Half Day $250 One to four people Call 256 825 0967 Striper Freaks Fishing Trips, 225 N Tallassee St, Dadeville, AL (2020) Caught at Lake of the Ozarks, the massive fish broke a 32-year-old record. Fishing at Lake Martin, Alabama Lake Martin is an infertile, clear water reservoir with a limited abundance of sportfish and baitfish, when compared to more fertile impoundments like those on the Coosa River. Happy fisherman this year - Call Patrick to schedule your trip 205.999.4898 "The bacteria are dormant when water temperatures fall below 56 degrees, and that's why anglers do not have a problem holding shad in winter. During this stretch, catching a trophy striper is likeliest from the end of February to the end of April. "So when you throw a net on them and drop them in your tank, the water remains clean. Nevertheless, the heat had a positive impact on fishing. SouthernStripers Lake Martin , Al Guide Service, Striper fishing with live bait and artifical trolling . Martin was instrumental in the development of Alabama Power and a pioneer in the development of the electric system throughout Alabama and the Southeast. "Last year," the guide continued, "for the week before Memorial Day we caught 30 stripers weighing 20 to 30 pounds and eight weighing more than 30. On July 30, clients set a new record for Parramore when they caught six fish weighing a total of 150 pounds. David Hare, owner and guide of Alex City Guide Service on Lake Martin are going to be giving presentations. A mock whitetail scrape is easier—and cheaper—than you might think. Last year (2017) October was by far the best October striper fishing on record for us after we had several weeks of almost a non existent bite. This seminar is a must for the novice and an eye opener for the most advanced striper fisherman. May 2013 - Oct 2013 . "The deadliest weapon ever invented for catching trophy stripers is a side planer," he asserted. If you want to catch big fish, Parramore said, you'll find them holding on the outer edges of the school. The lure, a horsehead shaped jig with an Indiana spinnerbait blade, is rigged to run 100 feet behind the downrigger ball. For catching stripers busting the surface, Parramore recommends a 1/2-ounce bucktail jig with a curlytail grub. It's a target-rich environment with no fishing pressure. "While resting on a sandbar, the gulls send out a scout to search for shad. Share. Fishing in the Talapoosa River arm of Lake Martin couldn't be better. Mark them with a buoy and then put out live bait on downlines. Of course, thermal refuges aren't an issue in the winter -- but they do come into play as the water warms. Fall Striper Fishing. Awesome day on the water! David Hare with Alex City Guide Service is always fun. All Rights Reserved. Mang Iings on January 20, 2020 January 20, 2020. Parramore pulls Water Bugz planer boards using the same line and le. In need of a rugged container to sip from in the backcountry? Having a lively shad on the end of your line is the key to success, he said. The upper region of the lake is the most fertile, especially around the Coley Creek and Elkahatchee Creek areas, while the Kowaliga Creek arm is the most infertile. We pride ourselves in providing all of the bait and equipment needed to make your trip memorable. We still caught fish, but I never found the location of those big fish.". Parramore has found that shad mortality drops to 10 percent when he catches them in a tailrace. If they are there, you'll have an encounter, because stripers have a way of finding those big jumbo shad.". "If you see a large school of stripers following bait balls," he explained, "don't even try to fish them with downlines, because they will have moved before you can lower a bait to them. Stripe Fishing Headquarters - Striper fishing on Smith Lake, North Central Alabama. "It's a hunt; you must go looking for them. "That's the deadliest bait that I've every used on a downrig," Parramore noted. At present over 100,000 stripers stocked annually. We only go for the big ones and release all back to the water they came from. "Down-rig trolling, or controlled-depth trolling, is an awesome way to catch fish," Parramore enthused, "and it's an alternative to using live bait. I had a call from Lee Gant from over at Still Waters last week. We've got you covered. "Cool water with adequate oxygen is critical for striped bass," Greene explained. Ed Martin’s Striper and Hybrid Fishing Guide Services Quality Driven Fishing on Percy Priest Lake in Nashville TN. Kentucky Afield Outdoors: This weather makes stripers in Lake Cumberland hungry. Fishing for Striped Bass on Lake Martin with Capt. The top summer pattern for fishing live shad involves finding stripers staging, a striper behavior in which, as Parramore describes it, the fish position themselves on a stretch of river channel or gravel bar waiting for the bait to come to them. ..Ed Martin can accommodate corporate events or … Fishing starts to pick up in March and can continue through the summer for stripes and hybrids when the power company generates water. From striped bass to giant speckled trout and largemouths, these two southern destinations... Give a Gift   2018. Lake Martin Fishing S Home. Lake Martin Alabama Striper Fishing. "There's nothing specific about where to find stripers," he pointed out. Anglers that frequent this 39,000 acre reservoir, Impounded in 1926, find the Tallapoosa River spotted bass an exceptional adversary to target as waters begin to cool. As April arrives, however, he concentrates on the Tallapoosa River to take advantage of the landlocked stripers' instinct to spawn. "It's an absolutely awesome time to catch stripers," Parramore reported, "as they are traveling in huge schools. But in warmer months, the bacteria is a problem, so it's important not to stress the shad. When the current is ripping down the river, fishing for big stripers is incredible.". Bass feed by sight and fooling them often involves downsizing lures and fishing a little deeper than normal on Lake Martin. "Much depends on rainfall and the resulting current," he explained. He went on to say that the cooler water in the backs of the creeks attracts big loners, so when you troll a jumbo shad over the shallows, the fish jump all over it. Call Patrick at 205.999.4898 to schedule a trip. == BOAT. You can return day after day and hammer them.". We are a striped bass guide service. Two weighed more than 30 pounds; one exceeded 40 pounds. Fishing 24-7 Guide Service is located on Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama. Captain David Hare of Alex City Guide Service and his crew us on a trip with tons of striper action. As the gulls take flight, follow them. Alex City Guide Service can provide individual trips or groups up to 40 people with its fleet of available guides. Martin Lake: one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States. "The planer allows anglers to freeline shad away from the boat and are especially effective in shallow water.". "The fish congregate in these huge schools to feed on large schools of shad. Stripe Fishing Headquarters - Striper fishing on Smith Lake, North Central Alabama. The water is still cool enough to see fish busting the surface. THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME. Tweet. "I fillet my customer's fish and always check stomach contents," he explained. As most catfish anglers know, blue cats, channel cats and flatheads will eat darn near... Chelsie Walters and Jessyca Sortillon - August 31, 2020. Captain Marty targets White Bass and Striper year-round on Lake Texoma and guides Duck Hunting Trips in the winter. From late October to mid-December, Parramore reverts to fishing side planer boards in the same places that he worked in the spring. Capt. The lake's infertile water doesn't sustain high numbers of shad, which makes it difficult to catch enough bait for a day's fishing. In this video, outdoor writer and tackle specialist Shane Beilue breaks down the difference between a rod blank’s action and power and discusses what the various ratings of each mean. About the Author & Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Marty Zamora. If successful, he will return and alert the others. It makes all the difference.". We're Lake Martin's #1 guide Whether its crappie guides, bass guides, or striped bass guides we have it. We caught them 45 to 55 feet deep. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Fishing 24-7 Guide Service is a full service striper guide service. We fish out of the most sophisticated center console and bass boats rigged with the best equipment available to ensure you have a successful trip. Stripers move out of the main lake to the creeks and river and then back again in a cycle running from late February to mid-June. "It seems when the water temperature reaches 53 to 55 degrees, the stripers metabolism increases to the point where they switch from a winter diet of 'chicken nuggets' to 'T-bone' shad.". Shad caught from the lake would have 100 percent morality within three days. We offer trips for people wanting to learn new tactics, lures, new spots on the lake, … They may remain in the same area for a month.