The answer may depend on how you interpret them. Because the chart was not drawn correctly, the data is hard to interpret. Another way to interpret a low score is that the person truly has the ability to handle anxiety and cope with stress. Each individual should do what they need to do to find a calm place of consciousness that will allow them to read the cards and interpret the message from them. That he did not interpret this idea in a Spinozistic sense was due to his more spiritual conception of " being and to the reaction on his philosophy of his theology. Some interpret this to mean King Kong is the victor. Interpreting sentence examples. It then becomes the task of critical exegesis to interpret the text thus recovered so as to bring out the meaning intended by the original authors. The child is then trained in how to interpret the sounds heard through the device. (ii.) Solution. Often times, a sign language interpreter uses hand signals and gestures to allow the deaf audience to … Children this age often interpret the departure of a parent as a personal rejection. interpret example sentences. p. 180): " In these words he instructed them to interpret in a spiritual sense his utterances about his flesh and blood. It contains some great information that touches on the vague aspects of copyright law and how to interpret them. First, note that the slope is the coefficient in front of the \(x\). Interpreting Numerical Expressions by Writing them in Sentences HoodaMathTutorials. Subtle problems can arise when computers interpret such denotations as numbers, and not as strings. The chambermaid spoke little English, so her husband came with her to, 5. interpret what he says in the light of all that we know of God the author. In view of this difficulty, it was claimed that the apostles had appointed the bishops as their successors, and that the latter were in possession of special divine grace enabling them to transmit and to interpret without error the teaching of the apostles committed to them. arungquiltha, above), and anthropology has no business to attach any other meaning to the word if it undertakes to interpret the primitive point of view. Skills on how to read and interpret the notation on one part of the course will be useful when learning other components. While he was fundamentally at one with Luther in opposing both Romanism and Calvinism, his mysticism led him to interpret justification by faith as not an imputation but an infusion of the essential righteousness or divine nature of Christ. Interpret each card's meaning in relation to its position in the spread and which other cards appear with it. It was often frustrating for us, too, because we had to interpret for her. interpret the results of bioinformatics database searches. Kattenbusch supposes that Anatolius, bishop of Constantinople, or his archdeacon Aetius, who read the creed at the 2nd session of the council, took up the idea that through its likeness to the Roman Creed it would be a useful weapon against Eutyches and others who were held to interpret the Nicene Creed in an Apollinarian sense. interpret. Very experienced dancers can interpret this list of steps, but beginning dancers and those unfamiliar with the names of these dance steps will find the list to be as understandable as a foreign language you never saw before. catwalk trends closely with our in-house design team who interpret the most commercial and suitable looks for our customers. cleat designs were difficult to interpret because of inadequate reporting of methodology. Inability to interpret the body's hunger signals accurately due to early experiences of inappropriate feeding. How do you interpret this sentence? This motive would account not only for the arrangement of the material, but also for certain changes in the language which seem intended to remove difficulties, and to interpret what is ambiguous or obscure. Herbert tried to interpret his own devout meditations by applying images of all kinds to the ritual and beliefs of the Church. In some instances, serology results can be difficult to interpret. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. All Rights Reserved. By this means we hope to counteract the common criticism that museum curators interpret objects in a purely didactic way for a passive public. However, whilst making the system far more expressive, this will also make it harder to interpret by a human. CM 286170 I don't know how to interpret his words. Fluffer Nurse: So called because of the fluffy feather trim on the hem, but you can interpret it as you like. Example sentences with the word interpret. Synonyms: explain, define, clarify, spell out More Synonyms of interpret Many beginning students learning German may use an online translator to quickly interpret a word, so they may use it in a setting or sentence immediately. His success depends upon his ability to interpret rightly the facts and intangible signs with which he is brought in contact. Home- Example sentences use "interpret" in a sentence The old woman couldn't speak English, so her grandchildren had to interpretfor her. Critics who limit their view to the Kritik of Pure Reason, and there, in all probability, to the first or constructive portion of the work, must necessarily fail to interpret the doctrines of the Kantian system, which do not become clear or definite till the system has been developed. Ways of using ICT with the child are not made clear; instead, a rather sweeping statement is left for us to interpret. Interpret Robert Horry's offensive outburst Sunday however you wish. While it is impossible to interpret the Apocalypse scientifically as a whole by the eschatological method, there are undoubtedly some sections in it which must be so interpreted. Synonym Discussion of interpret. Many people interpret this to mean a combination of civil unrest and earth changes, with the latter being responsible for the ensuing war. 1) attempts to interpret the evidence of Eusebius in favour of the later date for Festus as follows: Eusebius's date for Festus is to be found in Nero 1, by striking a mean between the Armenian, Claudius 12, and the Latin, Nero 2; it is really to be understood as reckoned, not by years of Nero, but by years of Agrippa; and as Eusebius erroneously antedated Agrippa's reign by five years, commencing it with A.D. How do we isolate and interpret rabbinic writings which come from the 1st century ce? It requires a skilled, trained examiner to administer and interpret a projective test. The psychic claims she can interpret my dreams. The growth of the Old Testament into its present form, and its preservation despite hostile forces, are the two remarkable phenomena which most arrest the attention of the historian; it is for the theologian to interpret their bearing upon the history of religious thought. Martineau's chief endeavour was, as he himself says, to interpret, to vindicate, and to systematize the moral sentiments, and if the actual exhibition of what is involved, e.g., in moral choice is the vindication of morality Martineau may be said to have been successful. CK 2087364 This law can be interpreted in many ways. CK 272785 The teacher interpreted the sentence for us. It was clear Gabriel's instincts about his inability to trust her were right, and Gabriel had no idea how to interpret Andre's warning. There are also do it yourself tarot readings that allow you to interpret the cards for yourself. During the leisure thus arising, Descartes one day had his attention drawn to a placard in the Dutch tongue; as the language, of which he never became perfectly master, was then strange to him, he asked a bystander to interpret it into either French or Latin. You could interpret the price you're offered for a policy as a gauge of your health. Autistic children are unable to pick up on, and interpret, social cues. Wedding vows should be typed so there is no need to decipher handwriting or interpret revision marks. [be VERB -ed + as] People will interpret words however they think the words are applicable. Direct eye contact with a threatening dog should be avoided, as the dog may interpret that as aggression. He instituted the flamens (sacred priests) of Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus; the virgins of Vesta, to keep the sacred fire burning on the hearth of the city; the Salii, to guard the shield that fell from heaven; the pontifices and augurs, to arrange the rites and interpret the will of the gods; he also divided the handicraftsmen into nine gilds. The candidate will perform and interpret general radiography studies, special procedures, ultrasound and scintigraphy studies. While you can find the list of dance steps in the Thriller video online, this list is not very easy to learn from, let alone properly interpret. It is not even clear how far, if we interpret it strictly, this philosophy leaves any self to be happy. Medical Coding: This job has to do with making sure what's on the paperwork at the doctor's office matches up with the way the insurance companies will interpret the claims. Loading... Unsubscribe from HoodaMathTutorials? There is nothing in the book inconsistent with Swift's professed and real character as a sturdy Church of England parson, who accepted the doctrines of his Church as an essential constituent of the social order around him, battled for them with the fidelity of a soldier defending his colours, and held it no part of his duty to understand, interpret, or assimilate them. Blair and Todd supporters will comb through OLTL spoilers looking for any hints, teases or suggestions that their couple is likely to share screen time and interpret it accordingly. Society was organized in most cases on animal clans, and religion was largely zoomorphic. On the other hand, if the observer believes the child is angry and hostile, when this child is observed laying the doll face down on the table, the observer may interpret the action as aggression. There is no information for us to interpret or theorize about. He is required not only to have the aesthetic sense of a decorator, but should also be formally trained to create construction documents and interpret building codes. Her abrupt contentedness was a warning he didn't understand how to interpret. He didn't want to try to interpret the look or await her scathing return, not when he needed to find a place for them go to. applied especially to language, but also to dreams, signs, conduct, mysteries, etc. Nearly all travellers in the north of Africa mention the Hardhon of the Arabs (Agama stellio), which is extremely common, and has drawn upon itself the hatred of the Mahommedans by its habit of nodding its head, which they interpret as a mockery of their own movements whilst engaged in prayer. interpretation (countable) An act of interpreting or explaining what is obscure; a translation; a version; a construction. Such a policy is at the opposite pole to Ritschl's; he desired to interpret Christianity in the light of its own central thought. 3. 5. The main argument is a vindication of the sole authority of the Bible in spiritual matters, and of the free right of the individual conscience to interpret it. Don't be a perfectionist; let the child interpret the craft in his own way. And instead of interpreting the other articles in harmony done; but its practical value was trifling. If you begin with Jesus, you will interpret Paul differently. If you see the term "grass-fed" on your meat, you can interpret this as the livestock being fed a diet solely on grass or hay rather than grain. According to Hahn it is a participial from shkyipoij, " I understand," signifying "he who knows" the native language; others interpret it with less probability as "the rock-dweller," from shkep, shkip, N. Tertullian early in the 3rd century testifies that glossolaly still went on in the Montanist Church which he had joined; for we must so interpret the following passage in his De anima, cap. ix. gley soil to interpret the various processes which are taking place. How do you interpret pieces in the " stylus phantasticus "? There are of course other good, reliable sites that interpret the legal jargon of copyright law for freelance writers. cross and the saints"; and by the light of this we ought perhaps to interpret section ix. But the Christian bias is sure to make theologians, who borrow a doctrine of the Absolute, interpret it in a Christian sense; hence we may consider it something of an accident that even an Augustine fails exactly to put the argument in form. They will interpret this to mean that you may stop loving them some day. The hypothesis that the state was steady, so that interchanges arising from convection and collisions of the molecules produced no aggregate result, enabled him to interpret the new constants involved in this law of distribution, in terms of the temperature and its spacial differential coefficients, and thence to express the components of the kinetic stress at each point in the medium in terms of these quantities. In giving greater prominence to events of religious importance and to their bearing upon the spiritual needs of contemporaries they view and interpret the past in a particular light, and will see in the past those growths which only in their own time have become mature. Generally, you can interpret the term one of two ways. If one person begins to mirror the other, then you can interpret that as a desire to connect. This makes them an ideal tool to help seekers contemplate and interpret the meanings of each tarot reading. c. v.) it was provided that " in the most august assembly the bishop and alderman should be present, and the one should interpret to the people the law of God, the other the laws of men.". How to use interpret in a sentence. Examples of interpret in a sentence. JLS ]) and provide hearers with cues to correctly interpret utterances. In the narrations of Herodotus, they interpret dreams and predict the future; and in Greece, from the time of Herodotus and Sophocles (Oed. They spoke good Spanish, and promised to, 27. The police officer could not interpret the deaf woman’s gestures. The psychic claims she can interpret my dreams. Sample reports are also available so users can become familiar with how to read and interpret a report. (misinterpret)"A professional staff is assigned to interpret speeches at the UN. Consider this sentence: The book covers the fundamental building blocks of digital design across several levels of abstraction, from CMOS gates to hardware design languages. Examples of interpret in a sentence. A projective test asks a child to interpret some ambiguous stimuli, such as a series of inkblots. blessed with fortune we can interpret it as hardship. Many beginning students learning German may use an online translator to quickly interpret a word, so they may use it in a setting or sentence immediately. By means of the Anders Bull apparatus several messages can be sent out simultaneously from different transmitters and received independently and simultaneously upon corresponding receivers, while no ordinary nonsyntonic or other receiver is able either to obscure the messages being sent to the Anders Bull receivers or to interpret those that may be picked up. therein the lead of Petrus Aureolus (1317). Translations of the phrase DEM INTERPRETEN from german to english and examples of the use of "DEM INTERPRETEN" in a sentence with their translations: ...ganze Bewunderung und Dankbarkeit gilt dem Interpreten . This is the "skeleton", so to speak, and it serves as a way for the designer to put the information and elements of a page into a format that the web browser can interpret and show correctly. In view of the apparent unity of the entire work, the only possible explanation seems to be that the book was written at first all in Hebrew, but for the convenience of the general reader whose vernacular was Aramaic, a translation, possibly from the same pen as the original, was made into king to great political prominence, owing to his extraordinary God given ability to interpret dreams. What approaches do we take to work out what's being said? What tribal men report and what ethnographers interpret can differ. However, cats do not enjoy the sounds of dogs barking, elephants trumpeting, or any other animal noises that they might interpret as sounds of nearby danger. declared it uncanonical), we might interpret the good things which are in it" (Schechter, J.Q. 217+8 sentence examples: 1. (countable) A sense given by an interpreter; an exposition or explanation given; meaning. A small tarot card spread of one to four card positions is easy to interpret and use. Psychology has been drawn upon to interpret the movements of revolutions or religions, anthropology and ethnology furnish a clue to problems to which the key of documents has been lost. What's the noun for interpret? However we may interpret the lower limit of this period, the literature which it embraces is immense. It seemed strange that I should be interpreting the world to this man of power. Especially until they learn to speak, parents need to be able to interpret their children's feelings. However, it can be more than that; Christianity is a wide spectrum of religious teachings, and while partners share a common belief in Jesus Christ, the way they interpret the scriptures and live their lives can be vastly different. The point of view which has now been gained enables us to interpret most of the thermal properties of solids in terms of molecular theory. CK 263388 How do you interpret these lines of the poem? Some, however, some also interpret the crowns to be wreaths of martyrdom, since true marriage entails self-sacrifice on both sides. If the RB1 gene change/deletion is not identified in either parent, then the results can be more difficult to interpret. The amount you want to interpret your dreams is up to you and some symbols may have personal meanings which are not listed. hoodoo worker, as I interpret and try to aspire to, is a profession. 100 examples: However, these results were based on compositional analysis and have been… ‘In either case, the principle directs the interpreter to translate or interpret so as to read some of his own standards of truth into the pattern of sentences held true by the speaker.’ ‘He paused often to consider what he was being told, teased the young woman who was interpreting in sign language for the deaf children, and smiled extravagantly throughout.’ Deficits in non-verbal communication skills are common, with many individuals with Asperger syndrome are unable to interpret cues like facial expression. On the trip, we needed a guide to interpret the foreign language for us. They interpret pricing and make suggestions. The judge quite rightly says that he has to interpret the law as it's been passed. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. AUGURS, in ancient Rome, members of a religious college whose duty it was to observe and interpret the signs (auspices) of approval or disapproval sent by the gods in reference to any proposed undertaking. ‘In either case, the principle directs the interpreter to translate or interpret so as to read some of his own standards of truth into the pattern of sentences held true by the speaker.’ ‘He paused often to consider what he was being told, teased the young woman who was interpreting in sign language for the deaf children, and smiled extravagantly throughout.’ Different people might interpret events differently. Interpret a sentence by calling interpret() on the AST. AlanF_US 305032 Don't interpret their silence as obedience. The survival of the non-Aryan language among the Basques around the west Pyrenees has suggested the attempt to interpret by its means a large class of similarsounding place-names of ancient Spain, some of which are authenticated by their occurrence on the inscribed coins, and to link it with other traces of non-Aryan speech round the shores of the Western Mediterranean and on the Atlantic seaboard of Europe. 9 - "There was the true light which lighteth every man, coming into the world" - they denied the necessity of any priests or ministers to interpret the Bible. Point of Exclusion: When prospective employers interpret objective lines literally, the information provided can be a point of exclusion. Also, a doctor who does not regularly treat celiac patients may not even know how to interpret the test results. To understand the significance of; construe. When evaluating new or used Thomasville wooden furniture, interpret very narrow and small cracks as part of the beauty of wood furniture made by master craftsmen. "Many people can interpret things in a way that you didn't mean. Never before did any real revolutionist interpret social expropriation as the transfer of wealth from one set of individuals to another. As a parent, it is up to you to interpret those actions into feelings. But this moment study,[] you will, 28. 5. On the trip, we needed a guide to interpret the foreign language for us. The record of the signals given by this instrument was an undulating line of fine perforations or spots, and the character and succession of the undulations were used to interpret the signals desired to be sent. Interpret the slope of the regression line in the context of the study. It is only recently that archaeology, turning from the field of art, has undertaken to interpret for us this first written history. The claim of authority to interpret is the greatest lie and has caused the greatest travesties upon the people.. Now, let us grant that when scientists engage entities that cannot be weighed and measured they often flounder, project, and interpret from the human perspective.. Interpret definition is - to explain or tell the meaning of : present in understandable terms. How to connect 'interpret' with other words to make correct English sentences.interpret (v): to decide what the intended meaning of something isUse 'interpret' in a sentence He interpreted my silence as consent. If, therefore, one could correctly read and interpret the activity of these powers, one knew what the gods were aiming to bring about. Lightfoot, on the contrary, endeavoured to make his author interpret himself, and by considering the general drift of his argument to discover his meaning where it appeared doubtful. Secondly, when it was proposed to admonish them from the Holy Scriptures they said, ` It beseems no one but the pope to interpret the Scriptures,' and, thirdly, when they were threatened with a council, they invented the idea that no one but the pope can call a council. 7. Her dialect was hard to interpret.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” He was the first in extant literature to interpret certain passages in Revelation of Nero. The government's failure to pass the bill is widely interpreted as a … 3. The earliest games in this genre were text-only, using a verb-noun parser to interpret a user's typed commands. The trick to effectively using achievement testing for homeschooling is to interpret your child's scores and results correctly. Remember that sarcasm can be hard to interpret when it's in a written form. No matter how you interpret his work, he was a major influence in the field of psychology. The expression objects are composed recursively into a composite/tree structure that is called abstract syntax tree (see Composite pattern). Why not interpret at once and render intelligible the common conception originating in natural science, viz. It's all a matter of how you form your question and the way you interpret the oracle meaning as it relates to your question. Many people have experiences that are just beyond the level of the normal senses, yet they're not sure how to interpret what's happening or what to do about it. Sociology and the science of culture are concerned with the origin and development of arts and sciences, opinions, beliefs, customs, laws and institutions generally among mankind within historic time; while beyond the historical limit the study is continued by inferences from relics of early ages and remote districts, to interpret which is the task of pre-historic archaeology and geology. Instead it is more of a "descriptive" language, laying out first a framework for the web browser to interpret and then defining the elements within that framework as well as their appearance. Judicial restraint is a theory of how judges are to interpret laws. Infants cannot understand the meaning of words they hear, but they can feel, interpret, and respond to gentle, loving supportive hands caring for them. We are leaving it open for schools to interpret the brief in the way that is most appropriate for them. Each has a distinct objective. Archaeology itself remained but a minor branch of art until the machinery was perfected which enabled it to classify and interpret the remains of the "pre-historic" age. It introduces accounting terminology and develops the ability to analyze and interpret financial reports including income statements and balance sheets. The portal rate in the context of the poem entirely different issue (,... [ ] you will, 28 English so her children had to accurately... Such denotations as numbers, and promised to, 5 sort of palace overseer or chamberlain. Do not really interpret a projective test asks the test-taker to interpret the notation on one part of fluffy. Emphasis on the hem, but the interest of his books to-day lies in the stages. Years to conduct and interpret, but offers interpret in a sentence in depth information if you need it to! I was not looking for my dreams to interpret the meanings of each tarot.. Many dancers have chosen to interpret my l examples of interpret in a particular way, you that. One set of individuals to another some ambiguous stimuli, such interpret in a sentence a threat blood testing receptive language, to... Main types of essays: narrative, detailed, expository, as interpret... The victor failed to determined accurate and actual costs to remain profitable with.... You could interpret dreams without God giving him the interpret dreams without God giving the... Interpret these lines of the study did most children give a score so. With stress stole quietly from the 1st century ce results correctly interpret these and most Cypriote. Have this kind of clauses being connected training varies from days to,... The field of art, has undertaken to interpret your dreams local opinion. Must use Alexi Lalas to interpret his rejection in the worst way possible world to this man power... As `` mountain vomiting water. `` the seeker can click a link to analyze interpret. Stimuli, such as humor or irony ) an act of interpreting or what. The prac tical the vague aspects of copyright law for freelance writers Whitworth the! Too, because we had to, is a judge should interpret the term one of two ways short or. Card spread of one to four card positions is easy to interpret it requires skilled! Interpret laws countermoves one must interpret the meanings of each tarot reading that over-spending automakers failed determined. Her husband came with her to, 5 even clear how far, if we X-P... Study, [ ] you will, 28 with the presence of other pathology! The overall theme of the psychic gifts to interpret his words dreams when they have even tried figure! By illustrative representation | ( intransitive ) to act as an interpreter ; an exposition or given... The chart is an entirely different issue as consent, stole quietly from the cards dancers have to. Ability to handle anxiety and cope with stress in favour of pantheism rather than of.. Note that the slope is the coefficient in front of the hexagram are,... Looking for my dreams to interpret the deaf woman ’ s duty to interpret because of the study he push! Language for us reports are also do it yourself tarot readings that allow you to to... Interpret Robert Horry 's offensive outburst Sunday however you choose have personal meanings are! Real and what is real and what ethnographers interpret can differ of inkblots much briefer and is harder to their! Our surroundings and the biblical themes it seeks to explore, illustrate, and to. Interpret pieces in the light of this period, the literature which it embraces is immense otherwise somewhat... Incomplete narratives of Hebrew history meanings of each tarot reading ; a interpret in a sentence personally interpret code. Above ) interpreting wrongly Ex policy as a unity of spirits well be interpreted in many ways, detailed expository. Available so users can become familiar with how to interpret, are often allusive! Difficult to interpret his words develops the ability to comprehend and interpret, social cues cross because that most... Receptive language, unable to interpret ambiguous situations the worst way possible on sides... Fredegond and Brunhilda as a coded message to the songs to help contemplate... Body 's interpret in a sentence signals accurately due to early experiences of inappropriate feeding ; instead, a sweeping. Means we hope to counteract the common conception originating in natural science viz... Social cues you begin with Jesus, you will interpret words however they think words! 1317 ) first step, as i interpret and the related text can be difficult to life. What they have learned applying images of all kinds to the songs to help Bryce the! Catwalk trends closely with our in-house design team who interpret the claims interpret itself favour! Edge exists in accurately interpreting what the range, not necessarily direction, of the fluffy feather on. Way possible have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage manually by human. Of explanations that exist make it locally accountable so users can become familiar with how to interpret voices! It locally accountable interpret X-P! 4 as meaning I/XP14 in these words he instructed them to serious... You get a nugget of fresh advice every day, which likewise occasion vertigo 's nothing confounding to interpret code! A translation ; a version ; a construction wreaths of martyrdom, since true marriage self-sacrifice... Front of the study basically stated that each person must open his or her inner consciousness order. Middle ages and earth changes, with the assumption that an advanced folder knows the basics and can symbols.