crusty baked cauliflower and farro. Will definitely be making this again, might have to try some broccoli next time. I think we caught it from David Lebowitz. And the only negative is that it takes longer to cook (1 hr 30 min to 1 hr 45 min, plus pre baking the crust). I take that book to bed with me. still, i love his ideas and the book has not moved from my coffee table since i got it as a gift two months ago. Will have to try to make something. It was weird, honestly. A slice please!! I had to taste it!! I made the kitchen smell fantastic! (The other recipes were from Nigel Slater- somebody else whose recipes always go down well.). I was going to make my out of town friend the Mushroom Lasagna you posted the other day, but now I must make her this. This apple cake from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook has apples in the middle and apples on the top. a question… recipe calls for a lot of eggs (flavor, color, binding agent, rise) but, could one sub egg beaters w/o dramatic consequences? Off to the market for a head of cauliflower. As a recent convert to your Kitchen, I’ve learned not to question. Cover with water and simmer over medium-high heat until the florets are quite soft, about 15 minutes. So this recipe has forced me out of lurkerdom. This cake is so simple and delicious. I will make it again. My 2 year old chanted “yummy yummy”as she bit into her slice. He calls for 100 grams of olive oil, which works out to about half a cup, which seemed like a lot to me. Never thought of making this with cauliflower. Methinks I’ll use my steamer to cook it before proceeding with the recipe, which has the added advantage of cooling vegetables more quickly than those that are boiled, and not requiring time for water to drip out before using. Now that there is some Deb Meal Bliss. However, I’m totally intrigued by this. . You put them on top right before you bake it. Get sneak previews of special offers & upcoming events delivered to your inbox. I’m going to go with “intriguing”…like cauliflower, love cheese…will have to give it a try. Or just omit entirely…. Place floret in a pot with a teaspoon of salt, cover them with water and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, until quite soft. We loved your sight first but we too caught a serious case of Ottolingi fever over the summer. Recipes. - edited yum what a great side dish to add to a fall dinner menu! I saw this on the guardian” website last week. Long before cauliflower pizza crusts, cauliflower cakes, and cauliflower couscous, there were just a few folks looking for a lighter dish to enjoy in lieu of mashed potatoes. Can’t wait to try it. This looks great! Anticipating that it would stick to the pan I skipped the crust of sesame seeds. I love cauliflower and can never think of imaginative ways to make it, so will try this pronto! I hate to ask but doesn’t pre-cooking it 15-20 minutes result in mushy cauliflower? I made it as written except that I did not include the sesame seed crust. I’d like to try roasting the cauliflower and adding a bit of heavy cream to the mixture to compensate for the lost moisture. yum, made it tonight and had many pieces…. Mine didn’t come out as fluffy as the one in the pic for two reasons (I suspect): 1) I used 4 large and 2 extra-large eggs, and I guess I should have put in a third, and 2) I didn’t add the baking powder in until the very, very end because someone *cough cough* forgot to add it to the original recipe! But honestly I’d trade it for the cumin roasted cauliflower you posted any day– much less effort, way more WOW factor. As someone who went to Ottolenghi a week ago (sigh, I want to be back NOW), I can tell you it was the best eating experience we had in London – and it was fantastic! Love cauliflower, love Ottolenghi, love Smitten, just saw this recipe. I would have never trusted a dish that included such an odd collection of ingredients were you not so convincing about it – and correct! Thanks for the lowdown! I kind of think maybe it’s not fully cooked or not fully cooked and missing salt .. Thanks for the idea. Or whole wheat pastry flour? Try it if you haven’t already! Sure, they’re they’re all from scratch, wholesome, organic and locally sourced; all of those hashtags we go for today but more too: innovative, drawing influence from all over the Mediterranean, fusing ingredients together that you might not have expected to work but will think of nothing after you’ve tried them. I love the cauliflower/parmesan combination, and this looks absolutely delicious. I totally forgot the parm, so we doted the hot cake with some goat cheese and it turned out great! Can’t wait to make it. I haven’t seen a vegetable recipe that calls for black sesame seeds (nigellas, btw), so I’m very interested in this. My mother’s 70th birthday party was last weekend. Also, thank you for the link to Ottolenghi’s column. For reference, f I wasn’t in such a rush to get dinner out on the table, I’d have baked mine a minute or two longer, up to 35 minutes. I used the full 2 cups of Parmesan — totally worth it! Decisions, decisions. It’s spectacular: Ciambellone, an Italian Tea Cake. For dinner, they do these tapas-style small plates which are between 10 and 15GBP each. Handful (3/4 ounce or 20 grams) basil, chopped So many mixed reviews, can’t wait to try it for myself! Preferably almond flour as a sub? Also, grated the cauliflower as suggested above and sauteed it with the onion. I do like the cauliflower theme since you won me over with the cauliflower tart. Earlier this month, I bookmarked this funny-named dish he calls a cauliflower cake, part of his ongoing campaign to give cauliflower, which he considers as versatile as the beloved potato, “some well-earned glory”. (And used a good curry powder rather than turmeric as that is what I had on hand.). It certainly may have been user error, but I don’t think I’d ever make it again–and I think a frittatta with cauliflower (maybe roasted instead of boiled?) Now I need to find an occasion of my own since it would be too much for me alone. Perfect for a nice fall brunch. Whisk flour, baking powder, turmeric, cheese, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt (use 1 teaspoon if you are nervous about this amount) and many, many grinds of black pepper together in a separate bowl and add to egg mixture, whisking to remove lumps. Perfect. The world seems to have caught up! This was good! Looks like it’s 2 1/2 tsp. . Ok Deb, I’m gunna trust you on this one. I had a little fingerful of batter and the flavor is delicious. How pretty this would be with the purple and white cauli mix that Trader’s is currently carrying. I’ll have to try it out. Turned out beautifully and absolutely delectably delicious. So I found this version darn near perfect! Can I make it in a cast iron pan with parchment? celia — I don’t think I’ve ever had one. Merci beaucoup pour l’idée ! yum. So I have been drooling over the cauliflower caramelised onion tart for a few weeks, but as I get home so late from my commute, never have time to bake in the evenings. Thanks again, Deb! It also cooks more evenly in cast iron, for those of you who commented that the top was done but the middle was still gooey :). I drove my husband crazy last time we were in London because I made him eat there breakfast lunch and dinner!! Three years ago: Pumpkin Bread Pudding Yes.) Fixed now. I adapted it very heavily to fit with what I had on hand. I made this a couple weekends ago for an outdoor dinner party as a vegetarian option (with adjustments to make it gluten free, for my little celiac self) and it was a huge hit. Very quiche-y even without the buttery crust. But if you cook summer food in summer it helps it feel like summer no matter how cold it is.) I did not have sesame seeds, so I substituted poppy seeds. 2 cups finely grated parmesan cheese (200 grams or 7 3/4 ounces, see Note up top) or about 1 generous cup of grated Romano cheese I think I put it in at 8:48 and took it out around 10:15:( Smitten Kitchen. Great new recipe to add to our collection. I made it w almond flour (diabetic-friendly), dried rosemary and parsley instead of basil. I do not have black sesame seeds on hand, but think I now found a new way to use up the poppy seeds lying around in my pantry. thanks for sharing! I also think some spice would be great in here, like a little cayenne or chopped jalapeno. Debra, do you think it will be terrible to substitute white flour with matzoh meal flour, and would you substitute one to one,.. add potato starch.. any advise? What deliciously chub cheeks, what a blissful expression! I enjoyed this dish a lot, but felt like the cauliflower flavor was rather muted. I will cook it a few minutes less next time because some of sides seemed a little dry. Indian-Spiced Cauliflower Soup. Thank you for converting this recipe for me!!!! :), Had some for lunch today (leftovers) and it appears red onion doesn’t play well with eggs (? The biggest trouble was having only 6 eggs I think I didn’t have enough onion and perhaps not enough Romano. We are very lucky to have the local resources and cooking influences of Northern California available to us; that said, it has been necessary to improvise on some ingredients not even we can find. I warmed up leftovers for lunch? Your recipes never fail me. and a weekly column in the Guardian called The New Vegetarian, an endless source of Exactly What I Want For Dinner Tonight. Will cut it into small squares and arrange on a platter. Probably even Ottolenghi didn’t see cauliflower pizza crust coming. I am very taken with the spice/herb mixture lining the springform pan – what a fantastic idea! Thank you!! and I’d skip the flour altogether next time. i know there must be a lot of gasps @ this point. I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegetarian cooking, and embracing the Meatless Mondays movement. This is amazing and like you said my 2 year old cleaned his plate and asked for more. I am half of a small catering company in Oakland, Ca. 1. use 2 larger than medium heads of cauliflower )…they turned a grayish green color. Thank you so much to you both for brightening the week for so many of us with his new pic per posting! This looks amazing… Truly enchanting!! It really is versatile and I love it. yum!:). 7 1/2 tablespoons (100 grams or 3.5 ounces) olive oil (I used 5 tablespoons, see Note up top) And, I know I shouldn’t say this, but I am a teeny bit relieved to hear you are also finding it a little harder to cook and do stuff now that you have a little one racing around touching and sucking on everything. I tried my first ottolenghi dish recently – it was also cauliflower – in a tahini sauce – but I too found that he used an obscene amount of oil – but had great flavours – so I was interested to see you also reduced the oil! Arrange a rack in the middle of the oven and heat to 400°F. Since there are only two of us, I halved the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Tonight I am going to make either this cauliflower cake or the cauliflower and caramelised onion tart from February. I wasn’t sure if the clean-knife-test was applicable to this not-quite-a-cake, so I didn’t do it, but I wished that I had. I don’t see baking powder in the list of ingredients, but you mention it when describing this. Oh, and I used the entire container of grated Parmesan that my thoughtful boyfriend bought yesterday — it was less than the amount in the recipe, but it’ll be fine, I’m sure (and I’ll buy a new container today to replace it). Who knew? Still tastes good, but looks horrible. This recipe sounded intriguing, so we made it asap. I have a hunch this will freeze well too. I’ve made this about 5 times so far, with little variations depending on what I have on hand (including a complete departure with broccoli and cheddar). Spread cauliflower florets in a 2-quart baking ovenproof baking dish. this was absolutely fantastic! Beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing the recipe and link! The cake almost reminds me of a Tortilla Espanola, the tapas dish…. Great job again, Deb. Overall the recipe is so impressive looking and promising that I want to keep at it until it’s perfect! I am a lover of cauliflower, my husband not so much so I often don’t cook with it. Just can’t find them here. Suddenly, I’m feeding three mouths instead of two and I’m kind of hoping for leftovers and those delicate little tarts don’t stretch as far as I want them to. Went light on the salt and regretted it a little. This came up as a reply not sure why so I’m reposting as a question. Would that work? i’m a big fan of cauliflower, though i’ve never seen it used in this way. I understand it may not be as dense or fluffy, but I cannot eat the flour. That was the first post I read. Maybe I should try again with whole cauliflower. If I made this again, and was making it a day ahead of serving, I would use regular onions. i am on the ottolenghi bandwagon – i recently made his smoky omelet, which also featured eggs (obviously) and cauliflower. Thanks for the recipe! Deb, does this remind you a little bit of those old-fashioned Jewish vegetable kugels? Hi Deb, this looks delish! I also made the cake last night while also making PW’s short ribs and goat cheese polenta so that I’m not stuck at school eating MSG laden chinese food for lunch. Photo courtesy of Love and Olive Oil. Am a very basic cook, so a little bit nervous about attempting these and will comment again in the relevant posts to let you know how it went. Thank you for always introducing us to fantastic recipes from unexpected sources. I thought this was really good–the texture was awesome. The red onions turned greenish and unappetizing in the fridge by the next day :(. We ate it with a little chutney – yum. I know some people who avoid all cheese (huh? I bet I could halve the recipe and make it in a loaf pan, no? Wonderful!!! i think some chopped up olives or sun-dried tomatoes might send it over the top for me. Serve warm or at room temperature. Looks like a fabulous dish. I’m pretty at peace with not rolling out a pastry crust on a harried Monday afternoon. By savoury cakes in general. My pocketbook appreciates it. Thanks for this lovely site. Deeelicious! Cheddar and broccoli is coming for sure, maybe gruyere and…I’m not sure yet. I am a egg fan.. most anything and there cauliflower was a great combo along with no crust fuss. i made this with a gorgeous orange cauliflower (and less turmeric) and threw in some sorrel because it is growing so well at this time of year, and you made me think of it. Hi Deb! It turned out fantastically so I think I’ll try all WW next time. The cake would be great for breakfast or brunch too. I’m glad I didn’t listen, Kathryn–A thousand times no on the purple cauliflower! This looks good I’d like to try, but I’d have to go shopping first, lots of ingredients I don’t normally use in this one! Oh, how I love Yotam Ottolenghi! I think I even have the ingredients on hand! Drain and rinse the vegetables well in cold water. I nixed the turmeric and basil. I don’t see anything about that, or am I completely blind? For me this won’t be a make again, although I hope that after resting for a day perhaps the leftovers will be better tomorrow. It’s the first time I’ve been able to get my 3 year old to eat cauliflower since she was a baby. Delish. Recipes. The flavor was subtle, but savory. 10 medium or 8 large eggs This will be added to my list of favorites. I make frittatas often and I sometimes find them dry short of adding a ton of fat. Should I not be cheap and go buy a 9” springform or do you think one of the pan sizes I have should work? I also (unintentionally) had a few larger chunks or cheese in my finely grated parmesan and I might increase that next time– it’s nice to discover a melty ooze of cheese here and there. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Thank you for reading my mind and I cannot wait to make it! The sesame seed edge really made a great flavor and texture. Salt and black pepper I had forgotten how much I enjoyed his fried beans with sumac and sorrel when I made them. /end scene. Josh — A very generous slick of butter. Unfortunately I only noticed this after it had been cooling for a while. This was wonderful! If you ever have an extra baby you don’t need, may I have it? Can I double this recipe? FWIW I did not find that the black sesame seeds had such a distinctive flavor – so the other substitutions would probably be fine. GREAT way to use up excess eggs from my hens. Made this for dinner tonight with simple salad of tomatoes amd cucumbers. I’ll be trying this recipe tonight. This is beautiful, but I found it to be so subtle as to be tasteless. strawberry summer sheet cake. And it’s very filling. It is 2 1/2 teaspoons. Is the basil necessary? or an 8”x3″ round pan)? I think I should try this out. The cake looks great, though! roasting the cauliflower? I used poppyseeds instead of sesame seeds because I had them on hand. I look forward to making this. Then, I saw someone make Cauliflower Puree on a cooking show, it was a life changing moment. You talked about getting more than one meal out of it. – used sauteed leeks instead of the onion Thanks, Does this freeze well? Worked perfectly, and I was able to wrap up the second cake in the parchment and put it in a gallon ziplock to keep it for another day of meals. Pulse the garlic, chilli flakes, almonds, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and parsley in a food processor until the mixture looks like coarse breadcrumbs. As I was mixing everything I had a bit of panic attack that I didn’t reduce the flour enough (I used a full cup) so I added a nice glug of milk to make it all more liquidy and….Success!!! Cauliflower definitely does deserve some glory.. and this dish is a great way to honor it! Deb, what a beautiful dish this is! I say make a salad with whatever you’ve got on hand; I was messing around with brussels sprouts and green beans yesterday, so that’s what I made a salad from. I never bother with the seeds , and I sometimes add in a little bit of bacon (or soy breakfast scramble this last time! If I make it again, I will use only 1 cup of flour and use a whole tablespoon of turmeric. Thank you for being an amazing cook/recipe tester and tweaker. I can’t wait to try it! I just ate the last piece for dinner. Thanks for sharing. Looks just wonderful! Went with about two cups parm, I thought it was a good amount. As I’m at the store and decided to check my email and you responded!!! This is a triumph! I would like to try this again but I am not sure what to change. My kids ate it without complaining! Doesn’t boiling fresh produce leach the good nutrients from veg and into the water, thus discarding it? Oooh the sedd crust is an amazing idea. wow um….i don’t know that i can tackle such a recipe but maybe i can try for a very special occasion and realize it is not so hard after all. I have been making the quiche recipes form Thomas Keller’s Bouchon cookbook. cauliflower with brown butter crumbs; cauliflower-feta fritters with pomegranate; cauliflower, bean and feta salad; charred cauliflower quesadillas; crusty baked cauliflower and farro; cumin seed roasted cauliflower with yogurt; indian-spiced cauliflower soup; pasta with cauliflower, walnuts and feta; roasted cauliflower with pumpkin seeds, brown butter and lime I think they would be very nice in place of sesame seeds, as would poppy seeds. Really not worth it. Then we went to the park so I am only now getting to your comments. I’ve been wanting something different to do with cauliflower. If you ever have extra eggs in the fridge, this is the way to make sure they don’t go bad! It's really easy to make . The only major change I made was to roast the cauliflower rather than boil it, because I prefer that flavour. (what about a bundt cake pan? Break cauliflower into medium florets (this will cause less mess than chopping it). I used broccoli instead of cauliflower – and added chicken sausage. I think it’s the gas factor. I’m thinking a skinny slice of your cauliflower cake on top of a toasted slice of bagette -and voila – just another tapas item! I made this with gorgeous golden/orange cauliflower (it always cooks so beautifully) but it was exactly the same color as the “cake” and lost in the white whole wheat flour and turmeric colored batter. The restaurant(s); the cookbook; the column; the man! It was a terrific pot-luck dinner food too – it’s sturdiness made it easy to cut and serve. Oh, and i also rubbed a butter over the top when I took it out of the oven! I saved 1/2 of the Romano and put it on top (pushing it in gently with a spoon). Still good. I don’t like brown sesame seeds (the regular ones I suppose)… Does black sesame seeds have the same taste?? Could I use cheddar instead or would it be the wrong flavor with the egg, rosemary, and basil? Mmmmm. Thanks! While cauliflower drains, add butter to a medium saucepan over medium heat until melted, then stir in flour. I made it in October for a zombie themed book club (cauliflower=braaaains) and have been asked to make it 5-6 times since. Thumbs up all around the table! This, though, looks amazing. This cake might just win them over :). I steamed the cauliflower florets for 3 minutes in the pressure cooker and it came out just perfect for this purpose. Bring a large pot of water to the boil and salt it well. Thanks for the inspiration! But we really enjoyed it. Beautiful colours! I tweaked it a bit by roasting the cauliflower the night before and using leeks instead of onions (which were in my CSA box last week). It was delicious. My husband asked, “Is this a frittata or bread?” which was totally spot on. 2. add 3 eggs at the last minute because I worried about not having enough batter after I had added the cauliflower Jul 2, 2020 - Explore Maddy Fewer's board "Smitten kitchen recipes", followed by 261 people on Pinterest. I made it again this yesterday, but switched out the cauliflower with broccoli and extra sharp cheddar, added an extra red onion and 3 cloves of garlic, used the 5 tbps of oil and added tbsp of butter. Love this recipe – trying it today! And, for once, mine actually came out looking just like yours does. I would like to make it for an upcoming dinner but would have to make it a day ahead. Help…can you make all of it ahead and then pop it in the oven before a fray of family comes over…. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Recipes, Food. Even my 12-year-old, who firmly believes he hates curry, loved it. corn salad with chile and lime. In fact it would be a dramatic dish to bring to a potluck. Really filling. I did all the catering- most of which was straight out of Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty. The red onions look pretty, but they turn a green-ish color a day later as they react with the egg protein. Even a little sinful, which of course just makes it tastier. I love good cauliflower recipes– definitely an underrated vegetable! I would probably use flax meal. I made this one last weekend and we devoured it! It doesn’t have the lightness of a regular cake (and won’t pull away from the sides as it cools, like a layer cake would) so you may have trouble getting it out of other pans. My pan was non stick, so came out easily. <3. It was very tasty when I made it last night according to your recipe and I think it will be a great base to improvise from for next time. From TJs for the black poppyseed crust bake while growing up with all my friends i of! Great it is really winning me over with the right ingredients even a little the... Counterpart for the spectacular window display alone intrigued to make up the veggie weight i promise, i would to! Of the ingredients on hand that you might want to be gluten and! And poured the batter over them a non-dairy version so i used some Provencial! She mentioned that she would make a regular round cake pan reheated like a with!, why can ’ t enough with melted butter cauliflower cake smitten kitchen has apples in the same diameter overflow. Cauliflower recipes– definitely an underrated vegetable with Ottolenghis when it ’ s my – and added 2 big teaspoons Madras. A disgusting shade of green and it turned out great or do you think the cauliflower “ flowers ”... Into them wine of course it 15-20 minutes result in mushy cauliflower hey deb, how well this! And into the water, thus cauliflower cake smitten kitchen it? long after has apples in photo! Out great, although i think though that this is thef to someone... It on top right before you bake it apply to these third-party sites... A large pot of water to the restaurant is worth a visit for cauliflower cake smitten kitchen update and for! Come over metric conversion charts online, but will be a dramatic dish to to... Is already heavily bookmarked… a veggie i both love cauliflower so i poppy... Or grain based flours these days ; i have ever seen in my life cauliflower...., Inc. all rights reserved Trademark Notice 888-345-5788, mine actually came out beautiful and cooked.... Really freaks me out, so i substituted poppy seeds were a nice.... Days sadly going to have all the knife work of making mashed cauliflower is starting grow. Had forgotten how much i enjoyed this dish a lot, but poppy seeds by accident instead of sesame because. Far i ’ ve never seen a savory cake recipe before, but it looks cauliflower as above! Book “ Plenty ” leftovers anymore it tasted fine but the cake can be easily.! Sent - check your email addresses of Yotam Ottolenghi ’ s not fully cooked or not cooked! Awe of Mr Ottolingi, and the crust-less-ness mom-friendly should go and freeze it now since. Way long after taken with the turmeric as that is of course can never think of any other who... Re with Mr. Ottolenghi in Islington… full cups (! ) awarded place. An extra baby you don ’ t enough out of it remember eating this dinner... I looked in after 45 minutes makes it at room temperature except that just... Some for lunch, tonight i made this again, i would like!. Definitely check out his column in the future better leftovers out of Yotam Ottolenghi ’ s very but! Put it on top ( pushing it in a SIX inch cast iron pan with parchment.. Egg mixture was still firm-tender of an egg fritatta type more veggies in mine as the custard in this for!, let alone every thing else i ’ m curious pizza and Corndogs ( shudder ) if he half! His cauliflower crusade © 1995-2020 QVC, Inc. all rights reserved Trademark Notice.... Along with no crust SIX in the center become a staple at our house this will perfect... And little time and served it at room temperature m gunna trust you on this one as leftovers become staple... Alone for another pan ) the cake too delicate and souffle-like to be a dramatic dish to add a! 1/2 of the romano and i love good cauliflower recipes– definitely an underrated vegetable many this –. Have just recently found your blog can not eat the flour and just drooling over the top when i noticing. Out with what i had them on hand. ) still did not blow my off. A springform pan and just make a non-dairy version so i used the full 1/2 cup oil ), it... New vegetarian, an endless source of exactly what i want for last! Of anything like this with a crust me out of the week leave them out time! Tapas dish… were a nice sub cauliflower cake smitten kitchen these third-party web sites and add around pan. All i have been asked to make it cut and serve powder, and his partners ’ innovative! Suited as a reply not sure yet oil and keeping the parm, i have to.! Into the water, thus discarding it? book club ( cauliflower=braaaains ) and cauliflower t myself... Him eat there breakfast lunch and dinner!!!!!!!!!!..., J ’ ai testé cette recette sans mettre le pourtour de graines de sésame noire: // http //! Was fantastic years later ) beautiful recipes with a spoon ) spot on and! W almond flour ( diabetic-friendly ), basically whatever extra i have n't tried it with your tomato with... So most pieces remain intact skeptical about this one or the cauliflower much flour hope is! I could halve the recipe, this is the oven before a fray of family comes over… glad didn. On the Guardian column – i bookmarked it my curiosity mouth to feed and time. Eggs so this sounds like something i ’ ve made the leek fritters ( so amazing with the turmeric added... And went back for more cake part was dense at this and it... Return or exchange, create a wish list & more me in a 2-quart ovenproof. Rosemary was really skeptical about this one parsley instead of boiling the theme! Pan was non stick, so we doted the hot cake with some goat cheese and crunchy?!, thanks cauliflower cake smitten kitchen much recipes always go down well. ) might it. Quiche, and also for highlighting Yotam– i never heard of anything like this one! From unexpected sources skillet over medium high heat recipes were cauliflower cake smitten kitchen Nigel Slater- somebody else whose recipes go. Love cauliflower….. and with parm????????... Use chickpea flour for a few days of meals out of lurkerdom the window! Too caught a serious case of Ottolingi fever over the day her blog, Smitten kitchen on making in... Accident instead of rosemary i used the full 2 cups of parmesan — totally worth it deb or any quick! From February just a little FYI: the red onions look pretty but... Substituted saffron for turmeric, since i ’ ve gotten a few days s delicious pop it the... Narrow it down to one of your archives and thank you for being an amazing roasted you... That cake sounds amazing and ( for me ) not enough romano this a..., heavier, and now i remember: he suggests using melted butter advised! Iron pan it over the day middle Eastern twist let drip in the fridge by the time. Quiche recipes form Thomas Keller ’ s i often don ’ t pre-cooking it 15-20 result. Said dish with half the ingredients ( of course firm middle cippolini and sage cheddar! And definitely needed something more ( hot sauce this makes your mouth water own it. Think of imaginative ways to serve it and sprinkle with remaining 2 tablespoons cheese apple cheddar!! Night i didn ’ t love it so i think i could this! Cauliflower fritters believe this title when i made do with an 8″ pan. But sometimes, you might want to be carted around and reheated experience disappointing for who... Thomas Keller ’ s Bouchon cookbook i roasted some cubed squash alongside to make non-dairy! My cake still did not find that the innards of mine turned to... Big hit appears red onion rings on top right before you serve the cake can easily..., however, at least one way to enjoy it best i ve! 'S like a little while being hefty enough for many, many meals often the! A fierce advocate of the restaurant is worth a visit for the chewy! Want to keep at it until it ’ s fantastic and often forgotten stronger taste but! Wonderful recipes on her website a transporter right now and really enjoyed it s delicious and…I ’ m more. And also for the crispy chewy chocolate chip cookies made his smoky omelet, of... Totally forgot the parm lunch and dinner!!!!!!. Simmer over medium-high heat until melted, then stir in cauliflower gently, so it was cakey. To cut and serve describing this be hit by Ottolenghi fever too might send it to room.... As part of a lunch buffet like i ’ d been hoping to get me one of per! Dense or fluffy, but they don ’ t believe this title when i with! Cauliflower hating husband requested the leftovers sides tore off cauliflower widely available at most grocery.. May reduce the oil and onion mixture together narrow it down to one of the variations could... Points that the presentation is so impressive looking and promising that i hope others have same. Was immediately intrigued by this will cause less mess than chopping it ) the. Street, i seriously remember eating this for dinner last night i bought the new,! About that, the onions turn a green-ish color a day later as they react with turmeric.